Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) was considered to be the most popular football game 10 years back. The gameplay was very good. After PES 5, however, the popularity of PES started to decline. Now FIFA 016 is considered to be better than PES. Here are the reasons why.

The teams

FIFA has more than 600 clubs licensed and 41 official stadiums giving more realism and depth. PES, on the other hand, has more than 200 licensed teams and only 11 licensed stadiums.

The playability

PES can be played for a few matches at a time. It has slow buildups and the controls are difficult to control. The gameplay of FIFA 2016 is faster than that of PES. Goals are more spectacular and the game is lot more fun. In PES, you have to spend a lot of time thinking how you will make your team members play. This is not the case for FIFA 2016.

FIFA is less detailed than PES

In PES you need to think of all the aspects of the game and analyze them. You need to find the gaps in the defence and try to exploit it.

Entertainment factor

If you are playing with friends then playing FIFA 2016 is more entertaining than PES. The action is more in FIFA 2016.

There have been some upgrades in the features of PES. More licenses are being bought; there is better graphics ands better action. Still, FIFA 016 is considered to be better than PES.


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Now you can watch TV online. You don’t need to pay anything to watch TV Channels. There are also many websites that can give you free TV streaming of 1,000 to 5,000 TV Channels. Here are the top sites where you can watch TV online.



This is the best place to watch TV shows and movies online. It provides 30 day free trial to all its members. You can watch many award winning TV shows, movies and HBO series here. It has the largest volume of online streaming content. It costs £5.99 per month.

2. Netflix


This offers unlimited movies and box sets. It is a very popular online film site in the US. There are more than 2,500 movies and TV shows that you can watch instantly. It costs £5.99 per month. Netflix also offers one month free trial.

3. Now TV


Using this you can view Sky TV without having Sky. If can have a whole package of Sky movies, Entertainment and Sports. The package costs £7.00 per month. You can buy the entertainment package and the sports package separately. It also provides one month free trial.

In order to watch these channels, you need to have fast internet connection. This way you can easily turn your laptop or computer into a home theater. You can watch sports events, live shows,etc. without spending much money. Sometimes you will get ad breaks. These sponsors help the online TV channels to run successfully.

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It is very hard to get a sports scholarship. Only 2% of high school students can manage to get this. Here are some tips that can increase your chances of getting a sports scholarship.

1. Contact coaches

You should start contacting coaches. Get their contact and send them an email stating that you are interested in joining Division I. You should include basic information about yourself, like name, class, date of birth, parents’ name, school name, member of any sporting club, sports awards, sports statistics, year of graduation, etc. You must start contacting the coaches from the sophomore year in high school.

2. Post a video on YouTube

Record 7 to 8 minutes of your playing action and send it to the coach. You can send an email also along with the video.

3. Update coaches

Contact the coaches in regular intervals to know about the progress. You can invite them to see you play in tournaments.

4. Don’t go to professional athletic recruiting services

Don’t waste your money and time on professional athletic recruiting services. They don’t guarantee any result. It’s better to apply by yourself.

Plan ahead and be patient. Showcase your best talent to the coaches. This way you will increase the chance of getting a sports scholarship.


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The rankings of universities vary. It depends on the departments, research facilities, qualification of faculties, number of students, employment rate, etc. Here are the top 5 universities in the U.S. whose ranking is based on the overall performance.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT is ranked number 1 in USA and also is holding the top position in the list of top universities worldwide. The university has produced some notable and successful alumni. It is popular for its technology-related courses and also for economics, biology, management and linguistic courses.

2. Harvard University


This is the best university for life sciences and medicine. It holds the second position in the world for arts and humanities. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the USA. It was established in 1636.

3. Stanford University


This university is popular for it’s business courses. It holds the second position for engineering and technology. Alumnus from this university are now the owners of many big companies in the world like Yahoo!, Google, Nike and Instagram.

4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


This is a very small university, but is respected for its research in science and engineering. It’s ranking is 8th in the field of natural sciences.

5. University of Chicago


This university is highly regarded for both science and arts courses. The university’s alumni include 89 Nobel Prize winners. The press of this university is the largest in the USA. The Physics department of this university is very renowned for research.

The rankings of these universities keep on changing every year. If you get a chance to study in one of these top 5 universities then a very bright future waits ahead of you.

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It is wrong to think that Instagram is only suited for the big budget brands. As a small business with a limited budget, you can use the platform to your own advantage and connect with your customers. If used correctly, Instagram can help to increase the sales revenues of your small business tremendously. However, in order to enjoy these benefits you need to first of be on Instagram. This is especially important if your target audience in between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

When using Instagram, you do not even need to buy instagram followers to be successful. With these essential tips you can easily market your small business and even compete with the big budget brands.

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  1. Your Instagram web profile needs to be spot on

Instagram has made major strides in transforming the platform from being just a mobile based platform. Today, the platform offers users with new web based profiles on the previously mobile only network. You can check this out on[username].

  1. Be attractive

In as much as visual content tends to sell more it does not mean that you should go for boring content. Try as much as possible to create content that your users will find attractive. The photos and the videos posted need to be of the highest quality to offers users with visually appealing content that best describes your brand. Even if it means downloading apps that can help you increase the visual appeal if it works for you do not be afraid to use them.

  1. It helps if you can be responsive and remain engaged

Do not make the mistake of assuming that Instagram is all about photos and nothing more. The platform also involves creating a community and facilitating conversation between the users. The platform works in such a way that the moment you upload a picture and create a hashtag for the same, people are most likely going to interact with your profile and even encourage them to leave comments. You can encourage engagement simply by asking questions and responding to the comments left by your followers.

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  1. Relevancy helps

As a small business, the fact that you can use Instagram to promote your business without spending money should act like a huge encouragement. In order to achieve success on the platform, you’ll have to post relevant content that excites users on the platform. Stick to posting pictures of your business and products/services or any other thing that is related to your business. Instead of posting pictures of your beloved cat or what you’ve just had for lunch you need to start considering posting things that can promote your brand such as your business culture.

  1. Be present

Your audience is always ready for more. Therefore, after establishing your Instagram presence, it is important that you continue to generate meaningful content that will keep your followers engaged to your profile. Relevancy will always give you an upper hand over your fellow competitors which is exactly what you want to succeed in the industry. for example we can use some specific hashtags such as who unfollowed me instagram and can attract the customers