Getting a fit and beautiful body is no longer a big deal, when you follow Kayla Itsines fitness program. The complete BBG workout pdf is a great guide to all, who follow the workout in a systematic manner. Fitting into a bikini and looking gorgeous is the aim of the workout. This might seem like an impossible task, but when you visit  you will see how Mirla Sabino was able to shed 40 pounds of chunky flesh and become a trim young girl who was not ashamed to wear a bikini. Getting back the lost glory of a slim body is the aim of the workout. 1409724646832_wps_13_image001_png

Kayla Itsines the Fitness Trainer

The BBG program was developed by Kayla Itsines, who is a personal fitness trainer from Australia. She works with real clients and came to know the likes and dislikes of the clients. She also understood that diet also played an important role in keeping fit and has introduced the diet program along with her fitness program. The entire package of the fitness program does not cost much but it is worth every dollar spent on it as the benefits are many. photo-2-e1407583082748

It starts with the beginner’s level and slowly moves on to the harder stuff. The diet program, the exercise program and the workouts have done wonders to many clients. The fitness program for beginners is for 12 weeks with 30 minutes of exercise per day. The second level covers another twelve weeks of workout. The exercises start easily and progresses to more difficult ones. Each session of 30 minutes workout keeps changing every seven minutes and is fun to do. The gradual increase in the intensity of the workout has helped trainees to move along with the program easily. The diet program, is another interesting aspect as seen by the review at

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