Moana is an animated movie from the Walt Disney Animation studios and directed by Ron Clementa and Don Hall. This movie released around the world in the year 2016 and soon enough won the hearts of viewers.81Av-Bwx9iL._SX385_The story is about a teenage girl, destined to be the leader of her village, Moana. She grows up in the loving atmosphere of her village men and women and is ready for the challenges that come with taking the crown. But, soon she realizes that her flourishing village is no longer safe and is bound to get destroyed soon pertaining to the ancient past which is slowly ruining the once-thriving, beautiful world.91+45-S6hfL._SL1500_As the fruits begin to rot, fish start to swim outward, Moana takes the decision to see into the past of her tribe and take a life-threatening decision. With faith in her heart, and hope of her grandmother, despite the odds that await her at beyond the coat to return the heart of Te Whiti, the goddess. Demigod Maui had stolen the heart to meet his own needs, which led to him being sent to exile on an island for a thousand years. With the help of the sea, Moana must first locate where Maui is and then take him back to return the heart of Te Whiti in order to maintain balance of the nature. But first, she must defy her father’s order to never return to the sea, find Maui all by herself and sail across miles and miles of water just to meet her enemies who want to control the heart of Te Whiti.

But will Moana be able to convince Maui to return the heart? Will Maui and Moana cross through all the challenges and demons who are out on the sea? Watch the film complets to find out!

This movie has a light humor to it, and is not only perfect for children but for audiences of all ages.

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