3 Amazing Sites To Watch TV Online

Now you can watch TV online. You don’t need to pay anything to watch TV Channels. There are also many websites that can give you free TV streaming of 1,000 to 5,000 TV Channels. Here are the top sites where you can watch TV online.

1. Amazon.com


This is the best place to watch TV shows and movies online. It provides 30 day free trial to all its members. You can watch many award winning TV shows, movies and HBO series here. It has the largest volume of online streaming content. It costs £5.99 per month.

2. Netflix


This offers unlimited movies and box sets. It is a very popular online film site in the US. There are more than 2,500 movies and TV shows that you can watch instantly. It costs £5.99 per month. Netflix also offers one month free trial.

3. Now TV


Using this you can view Sky TV without having Sky. If can have a whole package of Sky movies, Entertainment and Sports. The package costs £7.00 per month. You can buy the entertainment package and the sports package separately. It also provides one month free trial.

In order to watch these channels, you need to have fast internet connection. This way you can easily turn your laptop or computer into a home theater. You can watch sports events, live shows,etc. without spending much money. Sometimes you will get ad breaks. These sponsors help the online TV channels to run successfully.

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