4 Tips On how To Get Sports Scholarship For College

It is very hard to get a sports scholarship. Only 2% of high school students can manage to get this. Here are some tips that can increase your chances of getting a sports scholarship.

1. Contact coaches

You should start contacting coaches. Get their contact and send them an email stating that you are interested in joining Division I. You should include basic information about yourself, like name, class, date of birth, parents’ name, school name, member of any sporting club, sports awards, sports statistics, year of graduation, etc. You must start contacting the coaches from the sophomore year in high school.

2. Post a video on YouTube

Record 7 to 8 minutes of your playing action and send it to the coach. You can send an email also along with the video.

3. Update coaches

Contact the coaches in regular intervals to know about the progress. You can invite them to see you play in tournaments.

4. Don’t go to professional athletic recruiting services

Don’t waste your money and time on professional athletic recruiting services. They don’t guarantee any result. It’s better to apply by yourself.

Plan ahead and be patient. Showcase your best talent to the coaches. This way you will increase the chance of getting a sports scholarship.


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