A Concise Guide To Online Purchase Of Personalized Gifts

Gifts are an essential part of social interactions. Be it surprise gifts or gifts for an occasion, they serve as a major form of gratitude and sense of belonging. We give away gifts on various occasions- weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, child birth, office promotions, festivals, in reminiscence of special events, as a ‘thank you’ gift or for apologizing. It is a mode of showing one’s affection. Personalized gift is a top notch priority for all. It is a medium of an emotional connection between the giver and the receiver. These personalized gifts reflect the thoughtfulness of the giver. They depict the strength of any kind of bond or relationship. They have the potential to strengthen relationships.

Personalized gifts are ordinary gift items turned into extra-ordinary gift items just by addition of certain elements. It can be anything – specially engraved stationeries like books, notebooks, pens, pencils, notepads, organizers to customized clothings like t-shirts, tops, kurtas or kurtis to zodiac design engraved key chains, showpieces to customized coffee mugs, bags, wallets or purses to customized photo frames bearing memorable pictures or collage. Thus owing to its huge demand in the gift markets many companies, mostly start-ups, have opened up lifestyle stores. The leading types catering to personalized gift items market are illustrated here.


Presto personalized gift selling websites

These websites particularly target those audience who are looking for customized prestos. They sell products like key chains, crystals, desktop photo frames, name plates, wooden plaques, pens, clocks, clock stands, pedestals, souvenir items, gift mugs, ceramic tiles, pen drives, stones etc. Here you can engrave a short message or names of people. In some cases you can even add pictures of your choice. There are various portals offering these. One them is Presto Gifts . They have a wide range of products in different materials like brass, metallic, glass, ceramic etc. The products are affordable and viable in range. The price starts from 50 and ranges to 20,000. It all depends on the product and material of the product. Pens, key rings, fridge magnets comes in the range of Rs. 50-100 while crystals and branded metallic pen can fetch a price of Rs. 15,000 or above. They offer special discounts and coupons for new customers and also during various festivals. One can also get customized gifts according to occasions such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Their tag line says it all “a bit of you in every gift” .

Specialized personalized gifts selling websites

These are websites solely dedicated to personalized gifts. Literally the sky is the limit for them. Here you can get all kinds of gifts and all of them customized according to your convenience. Virtually no limit in range of articles from name plates to wooden plaques to bags, wallets to pens, diaries, organizers to laptop skin, mobile covers to coffee, key chains, souvenirs, photo frames, wristbands to clothing’s EVERYTHING!!! These are the ultimate gateway for personalized gifts. All types of customized items under one roof.  A major website selling this kind of products is print venue. The name itself suggests their agenda to print anything you desire on the products and sell them.


Like any other portal here you can add names, design like zodiac signs and customize them in different styles and colours. You can also select different backgrounds or templates or you can add your own pictures and customize. There is no charge for this engraving or customization. The products are of excellent quality and come in affordable price of 500-2000. Another plus point of this website is there offers. There is always some kind of offer, 30%, 20% or 40% discount or package deals or free shipping charges.  They have various categores like home & kitchen, accessories, business, office , clothings, products for gifting or greeting someone.

Personalized gift items to showcase your alma mater.

This is a unique type of lifestyle option. Here, you can gift someone customized clothings depicting their institution or colleges. This is for gifting a friend with whom you share a special bond since your school or college days. So far there is only one portal solely dedicated to this. Alma Mater is a website where you can order personalized t-shirts, jackets or hoodies bearing the name of your college or university. They have a play tool in their website which lets you doodle, add logos, change background and colour according to your convenience. The products are quite affordable and come in range between 500-1500. Here you have to order in a minimum quantity of 20 items.

Over-all, these are some of the personalized gifts portal options available till date.

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