aboutGravit was formed in 2006 to give the readers a daily dose of everything; from business and technology to sports and entertainment. The purpose of this blog was to give new interesting contents every day in order to boost readers’ general knowledge on every field. People are now very busy with their lives. They hardly get the time to watch TV or read papers. Most people read newspaper online as it’s more comfortable than reading traditional newspapers. The first thing people do after reaching their office is ‘check the mailbox’. So, it’s much easier to open just another browser to read news or read something interesting in the morning to refresh your mind. I’ve created this blog keeping these busy people in mind. The blog covers the major topics people are now interested in. So, readers don’t need to open a website on entertainment to get news on entertainment or open a business page to get information on business. They can get everything on one site.

The contents of this blog are updated on a daily basis. So, you will always get new content here. I want more people to read my blog so I make sure that there’s something for everyone. Start your day fresh by reading fresh contents from Gravit!