Age Of Whitepages: The Digital Avatar Of Telephone Directory!

Are you still stuck with the third-world means of searching needful contact numbers from those big piles of phone books? And this also means that every time you try to find the contacts and address, you have to survey the long list of relevant A’s, B’s, C’s…! If it is so, and if you are looking for the contacts and address of residents of the United States, it is time for your means to evolve!So now, if today you need to find contacts, you needn’t cross your fingers and hope to find their number on the pages, you just need to open Whitepages!company_search_form1

les pages blanches is a directory site that caters to businesses and people and supplies them with phone numbers, contact address and age of the required persons, living in the United States. Founded in 1997 as a hobby project, Whitepages has gone on to become a huge aid to people. The idea of developing such an online directory arose in the mind of Alex Algard, who at that time studied at Stanford, when he found but a wrong contact number of a friend!

With its motto of “Bringing digital identity data together”, Whitepages has brought in different types of services. That is, Whitepages, which offers the users to search addresses and identify unknown callers and numbers. The user can either type the name, or number or address and sort the searches according to the age limit and states. Then, there is Whitepages Pro, which is a paid service and provides the largest database of contact information (name, address, mobile number/landline, age, and family members) of businesses and people. It provides a variety of features, for instance identity check, progressive reporting and technical support. Another service for the paid users is Whitepages Premium that offers complete information on the contact holder like mobile numbers, financial records, criminal records, and can be accessed only by the residents of the States.white-pages-melbourne-3000-logo

All these contact information is gathered from a number of sources, namely, public records, telecommunication companies and their data, social media, applications-used, information of property selling and buying. The users need not worry about the expiry of contact information as they are kept up-to-date by the dedicated Whitepagersand the contact holders themselves. People, who are concerned about their privacy, can even remove their contact information from this online directory, but after a proper process, which requires them to register their email ID. Whitepages has even developed certain mobile applications that work as a caller ID, available on iOSon androids alike, by showing the caller’s identity, their locations and conditions there, their recent social-media activities! Additional features allow you to block certain calls, verify identities and pre-hand warnings about scams. Similarly, there are services for business organizations/companies/individuals, according to which Whitepages lend contact data to them for verification of their customers. The ‘Whitepagers’, that is the term for the workers at Whitepages, are professional people, who are at the top of their professions and make sure that the visitors at their site are provided with information is completely legit. Majority of reviews and feeds given by the users assure you of this.

However, in Whitepages, you need to know at least a bit about the information of the person. So, it can be problematic to find contact information without some general information.

All in all, Whitepages is definitely proving its motto and has now become an indispensable tool as without spending hours in surveying the thick and dusty telephone dictionaries, one can simply access Whitepages and find the relevant information.

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