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Movies reside in the heart of people all around the world. Some are crazy for the Hollywood movies whereas some relish the movies made in their own local language. Watching movies has been one of the extensively done leisure activity in the recent past and the present.  Moreover, if you do not wish to go the cinema halls or multiplexes to watch the movies or you do not want to spend the money. You can always watch the online free movies to have a good time and relish your mood. You might even to amazed to know that the birth of motion pictures has been over 200 years old now. However, the scenario now is completely different and better in all the aspects.movies-onlineLet us walk you through the brief lifetime and the history of the movie industry. You might even get amazed about some of the facts.

History you ought to know:

The birth of motion pictures dates back in 1880’s when a camera was developed which could click a series of pictures for several minutes through a single lens on a single movie reel. However, there were no sounds being recorded nor were the colors being captured. All it could do was capture the actions, and record it on the reel. Initially, the movies could not attract much audience due to lack of story line and interesting stuff. However, with time, people started to realize the potential of motion picture and started making movies that conveyed some message. Further, people started telling stories by the means of motion pictures by clubbing several scenes together and creating a longer movie that related with the people. Slowly and steadily, movies started having bigger audiences reach.

With advancement in technology, sound effects became a part of movies. Initially, the sound effects were recorded separately and played along with the movie. Further, the colored cinematography also came into being which was a huge chance and took a long time to completely replace the black and white motion pictures. The film industry slowed down with the introduction of televisions and had to introduce several reforms to attract the audience. Bigger screens got introduced and better cinema halls and theaters were built to attract the audience to get the industry running.movies-onlineDifferent people cater different tastes of movies but most of the people around the world love watching movies. It is one of the best options to spend your free time. Moreover, the film industry has become a full fledged industry which has no going back. With time glamour and fashion have become an integral part of the industry. Moreover, people admire the people acting in the motion pictures and try to copy their style and fashion sense. More and more people are getting involved in the different film industries around the world as the love for movies in the hearts of people cannot die ever. Moreover, there had been a lot of movies being made which are based on some really famous books, reason is that people can relate in a better way by seeing that by reading. So, get a pack of popcorn, sit back and prepare for your next movie to play on.

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