All You Need To Know About Turntables

It is very simple to put together turntables set up, but you need to get several things right before you decide to purchase it. You need to know about the key components, the various configurations available. Here are the several things you are supposed to know about them:

Get to know about a Phono Preamp. It is the one which converts Phono to line level. A Phono output signal is produced by the turntables and this signal is supposed to be converted into a line level signal in order to work with audio equipment such as computers, speakers and stereo systems. Some turntables have built-in Preamp and even some older versions of stereo systems and amplifiers have built in Preamps. A DJ mixer acts as a Preamp. If your turntable has a USB output, then it means that it has a Preamp. When it comes to sound and built quality, you will get a variety of Preamps and if you are in need of an external Preamp, you can set RCA cables which will connect to your audio system.


When you are setting up an amplifier and a common turntable, you will need a cartridge, speakers, and headphones, turntable, amplifier and stereo, a built-in or external Preamp. Lab points are a turntable set up which is very common. If you have a stereo system, you can add a turntable easily by just making sure to note whether you need a Preamp or not.

If you are out to set up a simplified turntable setup with active speakers,  you will need active speakers, turntable, either built in or external Preamp, and cartridges. It is the most streamlined set up in that, you need to connect the Preamp to your turntable directly to a speaker which is already active. An active speaker is self-powered and you do not require additional stereo system or amplifier. It will have a power cord always.

When you want to connect a turntable to a computer all you need is a computer, a turntable, external or internal Preamp, and cartridges. If you don’t have a USB output, you will need to have an adapter where you can input your computer input  for audio, but if it has a USB output, you will have to plug it directly into your computer.


If you are using the older stereo system setup you will require speaker and headphones, turntable,  an amplifier or a stereo system with Phono input, and a cartridge. If you get a stereo with a Preamp which is inbuilt then you are lucky because you will only need to plug the turntable into the input which is marked Phono and you are good to go.

Another thing you need to learn about turntables is there are two types; belt drive and direct drive. The direct drive has a platter which is integral to the motor while a belt drive has an independent motor that drives the platter through a rubber belt.

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