Basics To Website Design

From Web graphic design, authoring, coding, interface design to search engine optimization building and achieving a fully functional website is no joke. It requires a lot of time and expertise. The good thing with web designing is that if you succeed in learning about it, you can earn a lot of money. In case you are wondering what you need to know before you begin your web designing journey then look no further:web-design

What You Need To Know About Website Designing:

  • Website qualities

Website design involves a lot of things. The only important thing to remember is that a good website should encourage and foster human activity. Secondly it should always reflect the content; and third, change without losing its identity. 

  • Web Programs

In order to build a website you will have to be familiar with some of the web building software’s. Some of the common ones include dream weaver, KompoZer, Microsoft Expression Web. You can get more from the internet.

  • Web page sheets

Web design also encourages a grasp in various page sheets. Html is one of the common sheets to learn; HTML5 is the latest version. There is also Cascading style sheet (CSS) which makes the website flamboyant. As you do this you can also learn a bit on Java script as it is used to make simple websites more interactive. web-design

  • Web Server

For any website to work it must have a domain name and a server. A domain name is the official identity of a website, while a web server is   a computer system that processes information to the worldwide web.


Whether you are doing a Web design Chicago or any other form of web design you should know that all web designs use the above basics. There are also many web design agencies to choose from in case you fall short of the requisite skills.

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