Buying Guide For Cosplay Anime Costumes Online

If you cannot sew, then looking around for the cheap costume is the way to go for your cosplay costumes. If you go online, you will either get an online commissioner or store which will be the best source to find a costume. The risk that exists when buying online is, you are not sure of what you are going to get and if you will get it anyway.There are various factors to consider before going for the online purchase of your from the cosplay costumes for sale.



There is a formula to calculate the price of the bought anime costume which is

Labor/cost of time +fabric/material costs + shipping costs + bonus

There is an argument out there that buying a costume is more expensive than designing one for your own self as you are paying for your own time and labor. The cost is expensive due to shipping; which is something you won’t experience when making the costume on your own.

  • Using Commissioners to Buy


They are normally the cosplayers themselves out there looking for an extra coin from their hobby. They sell custom made costumes when you order so you have an option of requesting a specific change such as a short skirt with bright colored ribbons. Though they are normally very accurate, it takes a longer time to get an order delivered and it costs more because the purchase of the fabric  is expensive as it is bought for a specific project and not in bulk.

The price of commissioners varies depending on the skills they possess, how many pieces you want to be done, the time duration, and the availability of the materials. It is important to ask a quote from a commissioner so that you are sure of the actual price it is going to take you to get the final cosplay anime costume. Make sure you shop around for the most affordable commissioners.

  • Cosplay Stores

These stores, produce the costumes in bulk, thus making them sell at an affordable price. They normally have a target to reach in a variety of sizes. They have a set price for their costumes and it comes the way it is, no specific design. It is cheaper to buy from a cosplay store than buying from a commissioner because they buy in bulk thus the cost of fabric is cheaper. When it comes to production, it is done in bulk thus lowering the cost further.  This means that the labor cost and time taken are far less as compared to the commissioners.



It is another important factor to consider when looking around for a cosplay anime costumes. When you sew a costume, it will take you more time as compared to buying a ready-made online. Even if it is a simple costume that takes a day to make it, some people don’t have that time and buying online is a better option.

Use the buying guide to get yourself the best cosplay costumes.

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