Buying Guide For Glue

Before you decide that you want to buy דבק it is important to adhere to a buying guide which might assist you in getting the right glue for whatever work you want to use it for. There are several major types which you will have to choose from and it is important that you are in the know as to the features of each type.resized Gorilla Epoxy Application Shot - Shovel 1

White Craft Glue

At times referred to as school glue, it is a good glue if you are working with paper, wood, cardboard, kid’s crafts and Styrofoam. It is easy to clean off using water and is non-toxic. It is flexible and dries clear and if while applying to a surface one wants to create decorative effects, they can mix it with food coloring of fine glitters.

Fabric Glue

It is a glue which is specifically made for use on thefabric which will stay bonded even after it has been washed and dried. You can get it as liquid glue or web form which you can then iron on to the fabric to make it stick. It is available in different varieties with some producing stiff results while others allow the fabric to drape. It is advisable that, before you use it, read the instruction label of the brand you have bought.resized Gorilla Epoxy Application Shot - Shovel 3

Tacky Glue

It is best for use on paper, metal, fabric, wood, ceramic, china, glass, Styrofoam and on various plastics. It is clear when dry and it is not for use on scrap booking as the paper has a tendency to warp or bubble when wet.

Spray Adhesive

Its application is via spraying which is done after the two items which are to be glued are placed together. It is best for use on felt, paper, foam board, fabric, and photos.

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