It’s not common to find time to watch a movie these days. It becomes really difficult to catch up on your favorite movies once you start working since it is difficult to find time. If you miss watching movies on a regular basis and you are fed up of trying to download them on your smartphone or computer then it is time you install the 123movies app on your smartphone today. Although there are a number of other methods that you can use in order to watch movies on a regular basis, watching movies online is one of the most convenient and reliable methods that can ensure you get good quality movies on a regular basis.123moviesOne of the best things about streaming movies online is that you do not need to depend on any other source and you can decide to watch a movie whenever you want. You no longer need to wait for a movie to download in order to watch it. The quality of the picture and sound is always clear. Apart from having a huge collection of the latest and most popular movies this app also features some amazing old classics that you will enjoy watching. In case you prefer watching old movies as compared to the new ones you will have a blast using the app as it will stream old movies with the best video and audio quality.123moviesThe best part about this app is that it is free to download and you do not need to pay any money to watch the movie. The movie loads very quickly and if you are not too keen on using your mobile Internet you can also choose to buffer the movies over Wifi and watch the movies later in offline mode.


Movies reside in the heart of people all around the world. Some are crazy for the Hollywood movies whereas some relish the movies made in their own local language. Watching movies has been one of the extensively done leisure activity in the recent past and the present.  Moreover, if you do not wish to go the cinema halls or multiplexes to watch the movies or you do not want to spend the money. You can always watch the online free movies to have a good time and relish your mood. You might even to amazed to know that the birth of motion pictures has been over 200 years old now. However, the scenario now is completely different and better in all the aspects.movies-onlineLet us walk you through the brief lifetime and the history of the movie industry. You might even get amazed about some of the facts.

History you ought to know:

The birth of motion pictures dates back in 1880’s when a camera was developed which could click a series of pictures for several minutes through a single lens on a single movie reel. However, there were no sounds being recorded nor were the colors being captured. All it could do was capture the actions, and record it on the reel. Initially, the movies could not attract much audience due to lack of story line and interesting stuff. However, with time, people started to realize the potential of motion picture and started making movies that conveyed some message. Further, people started telling stories by the means of motion pictures by clubbing several scenes together and creating a longer movie that related with the people. Slowly and steadily, movies started having bigger audiences reach.

With advancement in technology, sound effects became a part of movies. Initially, the sound effects were recorded separately and played along with the movie. Further, the colored cinematography also came into being which was a huge chance and took a long time to completely replace the black and white motion pictures. The film industry slowed down with the introduction of televisions and had to introduce several reforms to attract the audience. Bigger screens got introduced and better cinema halls and theaters were built to attract the audience to get the industry running.movies-onlineDifferent people cater different tastes of movies but most of the people around the world love watching movies. It is one of the best options to spend your free time. Moreover, the film industry has become a full fledged industry which has no going back. With time glamour and fashion have become an integral part of the industry. Moreover, people admire the people acting in the motion pictures and try to copy their style and fashion sense. More and more people are getting involved in the different film industries around the world as the love for movies in the hearts of people cannot die ever. Moreover, there had been a lot of movies being made which are based on some really famous books, reason is that people can relate in a better way by seeing that by reading. So, get a pack of popcorn, sit back and prepare for your next movie to play on.


In the online world, the most searched term is free movies online, it simply indicates, the number of individuals worldwide that are interested in watching their favorite movies and that too without opting for expensive subscriptions. Well, the task of watching movies online and that too free of cost sounds bit daunting but there are many quality websites that are ready to assist you out. For sure, there are many websites that can easily cut down the cost of expensive cable as well as satellite fees. As a viewer, we need to make sure the selected website is not offering the free movies illegally. By no means can you watch latest movies online and that too without spending any money. These illegal movies are pirated and if you use them, you are only supporting an illegal movies onlineWatching free movies online is a pretty exciting concept indeed but it should be handled with care. The illegal sites will not make any straight money from the user but they will post many shady ads. Some of these websites are also running scams and they must be avoided by all means. One can easily take the fine example of websites offering free movies asking you to download and install software. These applications are merely designed to add viruses and malicious codes on your device.

Ideally, the concept of watching free movies on online platforms demands a bit of application. First of all, you need to find out reliable online sources. Just keep on searching for the sources that offer movies which can now be viewed free of cost. Yes, there are many quality websites indeed which are good enough to get you latest movies and still not the recent ones. Even some of the online platforms will ask you to pay a small subscription fee which is completely acceptable.

There is nothing wrong at all, to pay a little amount to watch all the movies online. Still the expense of watching movies online is lot less as compared to the amount you are required to pay for cable and satellite fees. For guys, who are pretty much interested in watching free movies online on their mobile device, there are plenty of quality apps to help you out. One can easily download these apps from Google Play store. These apps will get you many movies which you watch when you have an active and high-speed internet movies onlineWatching movies online has always brought exciting times for the viewers. The sole aspect of concern has been the selection process and if you don’t have the right information, there is every possibility of selecting a wrong online platform.

Still, there is a lot to know about the ways by which you are allowed to watch movies online for free of cost. Better is to look for forums and find out the right methods applied by other individuals.


Watching movies is something people all over the world enjoy irrespective of their age. If you love watching movies on a regular basis then downloading them is the best thing to do. While there are multiple ways you can download a movie online, using a torrent link is the most efficient way to get your hands on a movie that you will love. There are a number of reliable movie torrents that you can use to download some of your favorite movies and watch them whenever you wish. The best part about a torrent download is that it is safe and reliable.  008_maxresdefault

Torrent downloads are different from regular downloads. They connect you to the peers who are providing the movies and this makes the process a lot faster. The more the peers, the faster the movie will get downloaded. If you are keen on searching for a movie that is old and you can’t find anywhere else, a torrent link is the perfect place to get your hands on it. You can choose the format of the files that you want to watch and this helps to enhance your viewing experience. You can also check out the comments about the link so you can judge a good link from a bad one.006_maxresdefault

Torrent movies have truly revolutionized the way we download movies. There was a time when we would spend half the day downloading a movie and we would spend a lot of money on that download as well. With torrents coming into the picture the cost is taken care of completely and the time is also taken care of. With torrents you no longer have to wait for hours to download something. All you need to do is select the torrent with the maximum seeds and your movie will download in a matter of minutes.1337xto-download-verified-torrents

With torrents you also get different movie formats that is difficult to find with movie downloads and DVD’s. You can choose which format is best compatible with your television or laptop or computer and download that format. Once you have watched your movie you can choose to delete the entire movie with the torrent file or you can choose to build your movie collection for others to enjoy. With torrents anything is possible. You can build a complete collection of all your favorite movies in just a single day.


Children are the most amazing explorers in the world. They are innocent at the same time curious to know the funny things happening around them. The summer arrives and kids like to have some water fun, splash in the pool, and if you are lucky enough to have a pool in your house than you as a parent can indulge your little ones in some wonderful pool activities which have a wide brand of pool toys to offer this young cute kids to enjoy and have water fun with safety gadgets. However, harmless fun in the water can also prove to be dangerous without the necessary safety precautions and equipment.  There are many online stores which offer some fantastic and interesting pool toys. They have hundreds and more of varieties to offer your kids so here is the list of water related kids toys.


Pool floats come in various shapes and sizes, it can be life preventers to fun to ride on toys for summer play sessions, younger kids who cannot swim, should always wear a life jacket. If pool is nearby, older kids who can swim would love to play and have some fun in the pool with floats and inflatable ride-on pool toys. When the sun is shining bright and it’s hot outdoors, nothing can keep the kids away from water fun filled activities. Pool floats and safety aids are very important and essential for kids. It goes without saying that having water fun is at one place but proper precautions must be taken to avoid any untoward incidents.

Here’s a look at some of the best pool toys available in the market for both children and adults.

  • Wet Head – This is a must-have toy for all children who are hitting the beach or just looking to have some pool-side fun. Each child wears this hat and someone has to pull a peg from the hat in the form of water roulette. If it’s the right one, the kid is completely drenched; if it’s not then he/she passes the hat to the next player. The “Wet Head” is available at Scholar’s choice for 23.99$.
  • Booger Balls – The booger balls can be used to have countless hours of fun. The balls on contact ooze out a slimy substance in red, green and other gross colors. It is easy to use, one has to just mix the powder packet that comes along with the ball and fill the ball with them, and they are ready for use.
  • Candylicious bubbles – This is the best combination a child could ever dream of. The candylicious bubbles combine bubbles and candy. Children can blow bubbles, can play with them for some time, and if they get tired and hungry they can eat those bubbles! These bubbles come in a variety of flavors like – cherry, grape, bubble gum.
  • Ray’s dive game – This toy is quite intuitive and engaging as kids get involved in some activity. This toy consists some of children’s most favorite characters from Disney including Dory and Nemo. The kids have to toss the inflatable characters inside the pool and chase after them with Mr. Ray’s net. The set comes with five characters and can be purchased online.


All the toys mentioned above are very safe to use and do not contain any harmful chemicals like heavy metals, phthalates etc. Parents are advised to buy toys that are free harmful toxins as children tend to put things in their mouth. Always read the label of any product before making a purchase.

Here are some fun pool toys for adults:

  • Runway splashmat – This flat floating mat is quite tough and can support a family of 4-5 members. You can even make a game out of it by seeing who can balance on the float the longest.
  • Floating Table tennis – Who said a game of table tennis is only limited to a dimly-lit basement. Now grab a friend and challenge them to game of table tennis in a pool!
  • Solstice Aqua Sofa – Consider shifting your furniture to the pool. Now you can have a nice and quiet evening with your entire family in the pool with this comfy sofa.
  • Intex floating cooler – This one takes the prize for being the most ingenious one yet. You don’t have to lift heavy coolers filled with drinks and ice and strain your back anymore. With this floating cooler, you can just float it around in the pool, delivering your friends some refreshing drinks.
  • RC Robotic pool cleaner – because cleaning pools with poles and vacuum is history. Bring out this bad boy and relive your childhood moments as you control it with a remote to glory. You can get this “toy” on Amazon for as little as 880$, have fun!

As more and more number of people have started investing in pools or backyard pools, the sales of pool toys has seen a huge increase. People can now indulge in some water fun activities, thanks to these amazing toys. The market for these toys is ever expanding with new players joining every day, be sure to look them up on the internet.


Whether you are abroad or in the Philippines you’ll notice that many Filipinos enjoy watching Filipino channels. From early morning news to late evening television dramas Filipinos love to watch them all. The television brings families together for a good time. It’s undeniable that Filipino TV programs have a special place in many hearts. With the lifestyle becoming rather busy though sometimes it can’t be helped that you’ll miss some of your shows. Luckily with the internet you can catch your favorite show on your free time at online Pinoy tambayan (hang-out place) sites likes the Pinoy Channel. You’ll surely be able to catch all the shows you want.

Filipino Shows Online

Online sites like Pinoy Channel definitely have become popular. This is most especially true amongst Overseas Filipino Workers and even those who are abroad for studies or those that have migrated. It is one way for them to somehow stay connected with the Filipino culture. They can get to know what is going on in the country as well as the current Filipino popular culture. What is great is that because this is online you can very well watch the shows wherever you may be as long as you are connected to the internet. It is considerably cheaper too as you would not have to pay for channel subscription. Sometimes Filipino shows aren’t broadcasted in the area you are currently based in so having the option to catch Filipino shows online is good to have. Plus with the advent of smartphones it is not difficult to go online and a catch a show or two while in between transit from your home to work and vice versa.


Fun Place To Talk

Another reason why it’s a popular site amongst Filipinos is because they can easily come and meet their fellow Filipinos on it. They can come together and discuss their favorite shows. And those Filipinos that are currently outside the country can also talk about the things they miss about the Philippines. It is also a chance for them to meet new friends and get together. Nothing feels better than getting to know someone who shares the same roots as you and is quite probably sharing the same experiences in a different land.

Not Only For Filipinos

It might seem a bit unbelievable but even foreigners have become interested in Filipino shows as well. They mostly enjoy watching Filipino variety shows or the Filipino dramas. This could be due to influence of their friends and even family members if they belong to a multi-cultural one. Often times when they visit the Philippines they end up heading to the filming studios to watch the shows live. Sometimes they are even lucky enough to be picked from the crowd for a brief stint on television. True to the Filipinos welcoming nature, every new foreign guest is made to feel welcome while enjoying the show.


Showcasing Filipino Spirit

Probably one of the most appealing reasons why people enjoy watching Filipino shows like variety shows is because of the warm and festive atmosphere it portrays. It showcases the beautiful happy spirit of Filipinos. You will always get to see people ready to greet their viewers with a smile, laugh and entertainment. Not only that but often times a heartwarming story unfolds amidst the merriment. I think that’s one way that Filipino variety shows catch the attentions of their viewers. It has many aspects and offers them a relaxing break from their life.

Values And Issues Dramatized

When it comes to Filipino drama shows you get a mixture of fantasy, drama, suspense and many more. It’s pretty much a hodge podge of many genres at times. But the main thing about these Filipino television dramas is that it portrays the values and issues Filipino families experience albeit at times being at exaggerated portions. Despite being sometimes exaggerated people still do enjoy watching it. It is probably because it allows them to experience a different kind of life. Transporting them to a momentary break they could enjoy while relaxing in front of the television. And that same feeling can still be experience even without the television through the Pinoy Channel.


No matter whether you are a Filipino or a foreigner, you will truly find Pinoy Channel an enjoyable site to explore. You will get to experience Filipino culture through the entertaining shows and get to know the current events happening in the country as well. The internet has definitely helped spread the entertainment and culture of many countries. It became easier to access numerous resources. Thanks to it many have felt closer to home despite being physically far away. Some have been able to catch up on their favorite shows to relax after a stressful day. Whatever it may be, the Pinoy Channel is a great place for anyone to enjoy shows and experience a Pinoy ‘tambayan’ (hang-out place) over the internet.


It’s great to see that the DC World is finally catching up to the Marvel World in the movies section. One of the most awaited movies of 2016, Suicide Squad full movie is about to release in 10 days and is based on characters from the DC comics. I’m pretty sure that all the Suicide Squad trailers have riled us up. This movie is setting really high standards for itself. Directed by Fury fame, David Ayer this movie is supposedly a superhero movie, but I think that should be a bit improved. This is an anti-hero movie and as Will Smith said that this movie isn’t about the good versus evil but it’s about the bad versus evil.


Yes that sounds pretty exciting right? Well this is a very different movie. It’s good to see that the DC World has learnt from their previous mistake Batman vs. Superman where they gave too much away in the trailer but they have kept everything quiet and have only sneak peeks of certain scenes. The certain scenes that we have gotten a peek of have blown our minds with Jared Leto looking pretty crazy as the Joker and Margot Robbie stealing the show as Harley Quinn. To add to the excitement, Batman is also featured in the last trailer where he was following the Joker and Harley Quinn in Joker’s purple Lamborghini while The Batman was in his Bat Mobile.  Skrillex, Geazy, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Imagine Dragons have all provided their talents for the movies soundtrack with the movie destined to be a blockbuster.

The theme of this movie has been taken from John Ostrander’s version of Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller a secret service agent who will do anything to protect America from harm decides to assemble a squad full of the world’s most dangerous criminals. These criminals were initially captured in the cells of Belle Reve and will be freed to join Task Force X which will fight against an unknown threat. If they survive an operation then their jail sentence gets reduced and if they die during a mission, they are just written off.


The other characters in the movie are Dead Shot, Killer Croc, El Diablo, Enchantress, Katana, Boomerang, Rick Flag and Harley. We will see popular faces in the form of Will Smith and Carla Delvingne as Dead Shot and Enchantress in the movie. The interesting part and the thing that is exciting me the most about the movie is Batman’s role in it. What kind of role will he play amongst all the villains? Well according to the executive producers Batman will play a role where all the Super-villains are scared of him just like the comic series.

Harley Quinn has definitely stolen the show with Margot Robbie as the actor. She has apparently performed all the stunts by herself, which is very impressive. Jared Leto has also attracted a lot of attention and he does have pretty big shoes to fill into. He has taken into serious method acting for his role and didn’t even break his character once during the entire shoot! Going to be quiet a movie, right? I definitely can’t wait for it, can you?


Movies are one of the best ways to unwind with family and friends. Whether you’re watching online or in the cinemas, there’s something about watching your favorite movie that just reduces the stress and keeps you entertained. And just recently, there are a lot of popular and awesome movies coming up! It’s exciting everyone because of their favorite sequels, characters and actors being shown in the cinemas. Not only that, but avid fans of movies will get to go back to the cinemas again to watch these awesome movies as well.suicidesquad1-xlarge-large_trans++Rp36Ti1MFCYr8PMuS2fHb17hoDUspm84EYl8tHPMRlk

Popular Movies

With movies now being a past time from all over the world, you’ll see a lot of directors wanting to produce movies popular around the world. This means adapting it from famous books. Comic books have become more popular, which is why you’ll often see movies being made from it. From Avengers, Batman, down to Spiderman, DC and Marvel comics have been made into real life for people of all ages to appreciate. Little boys will love the action packed stunts, while adults can reminisce the times they used to read their favorite comic books as well, having fun with the stories and the excellent cast portraying it. Suicide Squad is one of the upcoming movies adapted from DC’s Comics.

Suicide Squad

If you aren’t familiar with Suicide Squad, it came from DC Comics’ antihero section. These are a bunch of supervillains turned “superheroes”, saving the world from black ops in exchange for clemency. It’s packed with action, loaded with comedy, and with an excellent cast (Will Smith included!), you’ll definitely love how real it looks. Add in high end graphics, action packed stunts, and a funny plot, and you have yourself a great movie everyone’s now raving about! It’s definitely a must see for children to adults of all ages.ceba46ed7c7cd79ac9d8670ea86cb41b6644604b95aac7927cde7e2655f97c19

Watch Suicide Squad Online

Suicide Squad won’t begin showing to the public until August. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to see a few snippets of it! Trailers, teasers, and photos are being posted by the producers and actors themselves. Not only that, but early screenings have now been open to the public, where you can find people posting statuses, raving on how great the movie is! Haven’t seen the full movie yet? If you don’t want to wait for the theaters to show it, you can watch Suicide Squad online, you can do so by taking a quick search on the Internet and checking if people have already posted the copy of the movie earlier. While it won’t be as quality as watching it in the cinemas, you will at least see for yourself and be able to enjoy the film before anyone else has seen it!

In Conclusion

Suicide Squad is definitely a must watch, with early viewers calling it excellent with a lot of comedy and sass put into it. Watching online is easy, simply check to see if it’s already been posted on popular websites that stream videos and other popular movies!


Manga RELife is a Japanese fantasy drama series written by Yayoiso. NHN Play Art is the publisher of its comico since 2013. So far five volumes compiling the chapters has been published and released by Earth Star Entertainment. It was announced earlier in 2016 that NHN Play Art will release the anime adaptation of Yayosoi’s RElife Manga. Its first promotional video was revealed at the 2016 stage event of anime’s AnimeJapan.  It is slated to be run in Osaka and Tokyo.

The event also bewrayed the important visuals of RElife anime.  The cry of actors includes Kensho Ono who will play the character of Arata Kaizaki and Ai Kayano will be starred as Chizuru Hishiro. Ryohei Kimura will be co-starred as Ryo Yoake while Reina Ueda will be playing An Onoya, Yuma Uchida as Kazuomi Oga and Haruka Tomatsu will be featured as Rena Kariu. The anime is being directed by Tomo Kosaka who has been the episode animation director for Giant killing, Yowamushi Pedal, while the production is done by TMS Entertainment. The script is steered by Kazuho Hyodo and Michiko Yokote. Junko Ymanaka is looking after the adaptation of character designs of Yayoiso for animation. Penguin Research is doing the opening song of the anime and other artists do the ending theme of each episode.


RElife is basically a drama based on science fiction. The story of Manga revolves around the lead, Arata Kaizaki , who is a 27 year old guy. He is jobless and is facing the financial crunch because he has been shoved away from the financial support of his parents. In the beginning he works at a company where his co worker Saiki (a female co-worker) was frequently harassed by his male co workers. He tries to help Saiki, but this increased the annoyance and eventually Saiki commits suicide due the erratic harassment.

This incident leaves Arata devastated and he calls for quit and leaves his job. Due to him leaving his previous job within three months, he is unable to find any other job and is now left in lurch. One night, he happens to meet Ryo Yoake in an inebriated state, after drinking with his high school friend. Ryo offers some pills to Arata which could turn him back into 17 year old boy so that he could relive his life. Arata acquiesces and joins a high school where he meets Chizuru Hishiro who is an introvert person who desires to have friends. Arata, with only one year in hand, he is in quest of what it takes to have real happiness in the real world. He unravels the mess of his real life by his interaction with Chizuru and others in the high school.


Manga was also made available in the garb of an App in 2013. It was also accorded permission for publication in 2014. A total of 13 episodes of anime were to be streamed on the App of RElife channel on 24 June 2016 prior to the airing on television. Manga was ranked at 8th position on the index of Japan Publication Sales’ Distribution Reform Group Comic Team.  It was adjudged as the best seller of first volumes for new manga series. In 2014 Volume one had sold 33,637 copies and hot 30th place on the charts of Oricon. Whereas Volume 2 sold 46,040 copies in 2014 and volume 3 sold 73,019 copies in 2015. Up until 8 February, 2016 Manga had sold 1 million copies. It also got the nominations for Best General Manga at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards.


Goede tijden, slechte tijden which is also popularly known as Gtst is one of the longest running television shows in Netherlands. This show has been on air since 1st October 1990 and has successfully completed 26 seasons. The show has aired over 5000 episodes till date and it is still the highest rated television soap opera in Netherlands. Each episode gets an average of about 1.5 million views. Gtst is a daily soap opera that airs Monday to Friday at 8pm.  The show is season based and each season runs from September to June. The final episode of the last season airs in June and then there is a three month break before the new season starts.asas While the show is very popular, the producers try their level best to keep in entertaining so the TRP does not drop. Each year, new actors are introduced to the show in order to add some freshness to the show. While there are a few actors that will be seen from previous seasons as well, the show focuses on trying to keep the storyline fresh, interesting and exciting. They always add a suspense factor towards the end of each episode to excite viewers about what’s in store next.Dilan_Yurdakul_als_Aysen_Baydar_-e1432542586869-640x230

Gtst is a family drama that has all the essential ingredients to make it interesting. There’s a little fun, love, sadness, divorce, marriage, business and even kidnapping that comes together on this show. The actors who play various characters on the show ensure they give it their best to make the story sound very realistic and engaging. Gtst has always appreciated fresh and new talent and it is one of the leading soap operas in Netherlands that has helped multiple actors establish a successful career.

Gtst is aired on weekdays and while it has high audience views, there have been a number of viewers who complained about not managing to get home in time to watch it. This is why the makers of the show decided to introduced Gtst Shortie. This is a website where they play snippets of past episodes. These snippets are not as long as the actual episodes, but avid fans and regular followers find this enough for them to stay updated with what’s happening on the show. This is a great way to keep viewers engaged considering life these days is hectic and it is not always that one can get home in time to catch the show on television.