Chess Board Types and Varieties you should know before Buying!

In the endless sea of varieties and option, choosing a right chess board could quite be a daunting task! But how to decide which combination of chess pieces can go well with the type of board you end up buying. Herein we offer a comprehensive expert guide to help you make the wisest decision bringing in an end to this natural dilemma! You can always visit this website to find more about the different varieties of chess board available. black_ash_burl_chess_board_full_view_367x230__20306

Decide the nature of your board you want!

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of board you are actually looking for. The answer to this question will depend whether you are a regular player or indulge in chess playing occasionally. Nevertheless you can choose in among following varieties available in the market today.

  • Decorative Chess Boards

As the name suggest, a decorative board will work as a showpiece element enhancing the d├ęcor of your dining room, office or library. Since the purpose is more catered to bring the visual appeal, you can go for expensive handicraft varieties as well. If you are not a routine player, then this type will work best for you as it can serve both the purpose and can be used to enhance the beauty of your premises.

  • Theme based Chess Boards

Such chess boards are intricately designed keeping in mind a certain theme. Be it the royal American civil war or the most famous Gary Warrior Revolt, theme based boards can be absolutely fun to play with.walnut_value_chess_board_full_367x230__30663

  • Practical Chess Boards

Being the most conventional yet classic practical chess boards are wooden and most ideal for regular playing that work well at home as well as tournaments. For school or any localised matches, plastic sets work fine as they are portable and safe to handle especially for children. On the other hand roll up chess boards are best suited to be carried easily during a journey as they come with storage to pack them up easily.

How much you can afford?

This is the most crucial element to decide even before you begin your search for the right chess board. We recommend you to give priority to quality over price as it is something you will not buy again and again. If you are looking for an option that will be durable in the long run, go for a wooden boar. Whichever variety you buy, make sure you match it with the right kind of chess pieces

Looking for a website online can also be a good option especially if you are low on budget. Moreover, it is very important to be patient in order to end your search for the right equipment. Hurry will lead you nowhere and might end you up with remorse and disappointment in future. Sometimes wholesale sports manufacturers offer discounts on various chess equipment when they have larger bulk of them, and this usually happen at the end of year when markets are down. Hence, this is the time you should avail the opportunity and begin shopping for your chess boards and pieces

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