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The Parc Riviera Condominium or popularly known as the Parc Riviera condo is an upscale condominium project located at West Vale Coast near the Clementi Town, Singapore. After securing the tender for this particular property on 05 August 2015, it is coming up fast and is considered to be one of the most prestigious properties of the town. Properties here still feature in the list of must-have properties. But what is the difference between owning an apartment and a condominium? What is the meaning of a condominium? Let’s find out what advantage it holds over an apartment.

Basically a condominium is a place which is owned individually with a common space which is owned collectively by different condo owners under a single umbrella or association. Apartment is something which is owned by a single owner or sometimes by a corporation or leased out to a common occupant. So the difference between an apartment and a condominium lies in the format of ownership.

In case of condominium’s ownership is not a single person. So collective decision-making, repairing work, fixation and up-gradation is done collectively. Responsibilities get distributed and so the workload and concern on a single person reduces. That is not the case with an apartment where the entire onus about the place lies with a single person. The owner needs to decide everything and take all the responsibilities. But there is bright side owning an apartment over a condominium. As the decision is taken by a single person you have the freedom to decide freely and go ahead with your plan according to your comfort. In condominium you have to let everyone participate, which sometimes leads to conflicting decisions and thoughts. Arriving at a decision may be delayed as you have to take in consideration the thoughts and views of all the stakeholders.


Now coming to the discussion about the Parc Riviera Condo, the first thing that will attract all the prospective clients is the variety.  1-BHK and 2-BHK, 3-BHK and 4-BHK flats are abundant and up for grabs. Being one of the newest establishments, this condominium ensures trust, dependability and prosperity. The location is strategically superior, with lush green gardens, community parks, fitness centre and shopping complexes. Parc Riviera condo is a condominium which should be in the bucket list of everyone.

The project is present near to the central business district and the high-speed train station in Jurong East. The locality is posh and near the Clementi Town. Free from crime, this county offers the perfect setup for comfortable living. When you visit the website of Parc Riviera Condo, you will see a block where you can register. When you register with all your details, you can get additional information about the property or set up a meeting with the agent. The location details about the place are given in the website. So you can definitely visit their website in order to acquire pre-requisite knowledge about the condominium.

Other than spacious and clean rooms, a lot of supplementary facilities are also present. By the way because of its close proximity with the central business district and wonderful view on both sides, you shouldn’t miss this property in your lifetime. The space is initially handed as an unfurnished flat. You can set your own furniture and home appliances. The place is quite serene and peaceful and surrounded by family homes. Private Tennis court with all modern sports amenities, swimming pools along with recreation area is present.

The different blocks and units are created in such a way that you get private space for each and every buyer. So it is engineered in such a way that you get an unblocked view from your window. The scenic beauty from both sides includes the expansive Ayer Rajah Expressway on one side and West Coast Road flanking the other side. Situated right near to the Jurong East, this place offers immense prosperity in the near future. So with all the modern amenities stacked up, the place is inviting you to start living here. Register with all your details and you can contact them for further details. No additional interior feature is present.

When you look at the variety of flats they offer, you will surely be mesmerized. Let’s have a look at the list:-


  1. When it comes to 1-bedroom flat they have a variety of options to offer. This is one property which will give you only 1 bedroom. The space here is 463sq.ft which will give you 1 bedroom, a hall and a kitchen. 495sq.ft will give you additional private roof terrace. 667sq.ft will give you double volume bedroom.
  2. Now coming to the 2bhk varieties, they are offering you a 603sq.ft 2-bedroom executive property. 624 sq ft property will offer you an additional private space along with spacious bedrooms. The 926 sq ft is a majestic property that they are offering. The 2 bedrooms are spacious and double the volume. The 2-bhk properties are also present with private terraces and rooftop. The properties are quite attractive and apt for living.
  3. The 3-bhk properties are almost similar to the previous. Only in case of the 3-bhk properties, 3-bhk along with roof and terraces, double volume bedrooms – all these are available. The floor area will vary from 947 sq ft to 1447 sq ft depending upon the size.
  4. The 4-bhk properties are gigantic and you should not expect more than this. 4 bedrooms, a spacious dining room, terrace, roof top – everything is there. The carpet area is 1152Sq.ft to 1711sq.ft

So these are all the features about the condominium. Going by the entire concept of condominium and the kind of attractive properties that is present this is a lifetime opportunity to own a gem. You can be the owner of an entire block and live comfortably along with state-of-the-art amenities. Brokerage charges are also at a lower side so you can also opt for that option. Have a discussion with the residents, reconnaissance the area and then go for the property.

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