Dental Implants and Relevant History

Historically dental implants were first performed by ancient Egyptians when they replaced the missing tooth with carved seashells or stones or a combination of both into the jawbones of humans.  The 2000 years old and earliest civilisations of Middle Asia, Mediterranean, North and South regions also had incubated dental implants as has been enunciated by the archaeological excavations. The 1930s’ archaeological findings of implanted mandible in Honduras unveiled that earliest instance of dental implant belongs to Mayan civilisation in 600 BC.  The middle ages also had traces with dental implantation when it was done by using allografts and xenografts. Later this type of implantation cam to be associated with infectious diseases and deaths, therefore it could not receive much implants1

The period of World War II is articulately linked with modern dental implantation.  Dr. Norman Goldberg while serving the army conceived of metallic dental implantation aping the use of metals in the restoration of other body parts. Then in 1948 Goldberg in tow with Dr. Aaron Gershkoff accomplished the production of first sub-periosteal implant. This pioneering step anchored the modern implant of dentistry in the world. One of the most important contributions to dental implant is given by Per-Ingvar Branemark ( Swedish orthopaedic surgeon) in the form of bone healing with the help of the element Titanium.  He found that bone could easily grow in the proximity of Ti and could be firmly adhered to the metal.  This discovery made a profound impact on dental implants and it has pervaded generations as till date approximately seven million implants have been performed using Branemark’s method which is called osseointegration. This method was also acquiesced to by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1982. The use modern ceramics in dental implants began in 1992 and since then companies have included ceramic treatments for advancing osseointegration with a huge a success rate.

The current trends in dental implants have been the following.

  1. Finite element analysis or FEA : has become a common method in dental implants that allows scientists to do extensive research on properties of jawbone and implants as well as to understand the nuances of implants that will  improvise the  implant design so that it functions well within physiological limits.
  1. Computer-aided design and production technology has enhanced shape implants and abutments.
  1. Micro casting: In this method a metal melt is placed into tiny structured mold, which aids the manufacturing of small structures and complicated geometrical portions.
  1. Electron microscopy: Techniques such as those of high resolution transmission electron microscopy  enables clear and definite measurements of oxide layer which is very thin and many techniques which are used for flat surfaces fall apart. Electron microscopy helps in studying of the lattice parameters as well as analysis of the microstructure of oxide layer.

Dental implants are surrounded in myths related to the procedure of implants and prices. However there are few clinics providing dental implants services in London at reasonable prices. Below is the list of low cost dental implants london services:

  1. Harley Street Dental Implant Centre offers dental implant services since 2011. It offers a comprehensive treatment course performed under the aegis of an oral surgeon specialist team at a good place. Consultation is the first step and it is furthered if the patient is found to be suitable to be installed with crown and implant which is accompanied with X-ray, bone augmentation and a CT scan. The replacement tooth will be fitted after the passage of restorative time period. Implants are performed for £995 each.
  2. Crofton Orofacial Dental Surgery provides a variety of dental services which include dental implants, ordinary dentistry, other orthodontic treatments and smile design. They offer dental implant and ceramic crown for 975 Euros. The implant and crown will be performed if the client is found to be suitable. Radiographic images are also taken if need be and bone augmentation is provided for a discounted price.
  1. Chelsea Dental Spa offers a bunch of dental services comprising of restorative dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics and laser treatment. Dental implant, 3D CT scan and crown are available for 895 Euros. The procedure also entails an aftercare package consisting of  2D x-ray, a dental hygiene treatment and after-care consultation.

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