Did you just fall down and break your teeth or have your teeth been affected by food particles leading them to get rotten? Well there is no reason to be concerned because we have a quick solution for you that will help you enjoying your food like you did previously. Have you ever heard of dentures? They are either plastic (acrylic) or metallic (stainless steel) and are meant to replace your natural teeth that are no more!dentures-2

Dentures are of two types and are one of the ways to replace a tooth, another way being those dental implants that are almost as strong as our natural teeth and almost the same but that process can be quiet costly compared to dentures. So if you are financially a little tight then this is your only option, otherwise there are always implants. One of the kinds of dentures is called complete dentures and they are a replacement either for the upper set of teeth or the lower or the entire set of teeth. Complete dentures can further be divided into two type’s conventional and immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are ready made and are put as soon as the teeth are removed so that the person doesn’t have stay without teeth but these dentures are a huge problem as the gum takes time to heal and it keeps on changing shape during its healing process. So these need to be constantly refitted and as they are made from before so they don’t really go with the shape of the jawline too. This should never be considered as a permanent option but just temporary. Conventional dentures are way better and a safer option as after removing the desired teeth, the dentist measures the shape of the mouth and other things and the dentures are designed accordingly, so it is personalized and fits the best. The negative point about these dentures are that these dentures are only put after the gums have healed completely so that they fit perfectly and don’t need re adjustments but the gums take around 3 weeks to heal completely. So the person has to stay without anything that can chew their food with for this time period and that can be very troublesome. We even have partial dentures that are used to replace a fixed number of teeth. These dentures have a replacement connected to a tooth base which is gum colour coated and is supposed to sit onto the gum and all of this is connected to each other by metallic base. This is then cemented to its place and this kind of denture doesn’t just replace your missing tooth but also keeps the other teeth from changing position. Well if you think you need one then you should visit your dentist to get you dentures.dentures-1014x487

We have seen many kinds of questions considering dentures; is it comfortable? Are they like natural teeth? Do they last forever? Well dentures do seem out of the place in your mouth and it takes time to get used to them as they are foreign objects and are made artificially. You will have problem moving your mouth so your words might not come out properly. People with dentures keep on positioning their dentures to their position so they salivate a lot and that also affects their speech a lot. People take time to even learn how to chew using the dentures so it takes time and practise to get used to these. Dentures don’t even last forever but they will last very long if you take care of them exactly how you did with your teeth. You always need to clear all the dirt off them and keep them as clean as possible. Make sure that they don’t fall because that might break them.

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