Doing the Bikini Body Guide

The summer season is fast approaching, and you know what that means! It’s time for bikini season and beach trips. But of course, you’ll want to have that rocking beach body before that road trip to the white sands. That means going into a moderate diet and exercise routine to lose the fat and shed those extra pounds in time for your beach trip. Instead of hiding your body under cover ups, show off your body and be confident and proud with the help of the bikini body guide.Header_fitgirlcode_def

What is the Bikini Body Guide?

The bikini body guide was created by Kayla Itsones, a personal trainer and coach. It is designed for the female fitness community. It’s a program that lasts for 12 weeks, with meal plans and workouts included in the guide. Its aim is to make sure that you get that toned and healthy looking body within the 12 weeks, perfect in time for summer! You’ll be shedding the pounds off naturally, while still getting the nutrition you need from the recipes and meal plans designed in the program. You’ll also be gaining muscle and becoming leaner with the bodyweight exercises and cardio.


Is It Intense?

We can say that yes, the bikini body guide can be intense at first, especially for beginners. But that certainly does not mean it isn’t doable! It’s perfectly possible for beginners to start with the guide, no matter who they are or where they are in the world. After all, things take time, and it will be difficult for someone to make the transition from eating junk to nutritious food in one go. It’s best to take things slowly and to do what you can, making small changes until you are able to follow the meal plan and exercise routines on your own with ease.

The exercises are great to do and will not need much equipment. You may purchase dumbbells and resistance bands, or you can use materials you have at home! What’s best about these exercises is that they can be done anywhere, may it be in the gym or right in the comforts of your own home. Not only that, but they only last for less than an hour, not taking up all your time. You also get to choose the cardio or HIIT session you want, in order for you to enjoy the workout and get the lean body doing what you love.

In Conclusion

The bikini body guide is tough at first, but it’s best to give it time. Do the workouts a few times a week and you’ll start to notice that your endurance is improving and you’re able to finish the workouts with ease. Within the 12 weeks, you’ll definitely improve and start to feel muscles you didn’t know you had before! What are you waiting for? Try the bikini body guide and see the difference yourself.

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