Enjoy Your Day In The Ocean!

Your sea sojourn will be enhanced if you take the ferry ride to Tioman Island. The sun baked island will provide you the perfect gateway to beat the hustle and bustle of the city and you can wholeheartedly enjoy with your loved ones. You must be wondering how you can buy ferry ticket Mersing to Tioman route. Well the ferry route remains busy all the year round and to beat the rush you can avail the pre booking option. After you book the tickets online you can go to the counter number 1 and collect your actual ticket.


The timings and frequency of the air condition ferry is available in the Tiomanferry.com. This particular site is the most popular among the lot and they provide you with the option of pre booking. It is fast, convenient and easy. The ferry ride is extremely enjoyable and you can enjoy the 2 hours ride amidst the vast Indian Ocean. The cost for one trip is 70MYR and after you pay the money you have booked your seat. Now while you are buying ferry ticket from Mersing to Tioman make sure that you collect it from the counter before boarding in the ferry.

The good advantage of buying ferry ticket from this site is that it is a one-stop destination for booking hotels as well as local transport. There is absolutely no leverage charges, no limitation in the luggage you carry and no extra luggage cost. After you book the tickets, you will be provided with a hotline number which you can contact for any assistance regarding the ferry arrival and departure. Personal escorts can also be availed along with buying the tickets.

Beat the rush, jump the queue and book the ferry tickets early so that your chance to be in the sea and enjoy the sunny island is not lost.

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