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Whether you are abroad or in the Philippines you’ll notice that many Filipinos enjoy watching Filipino channels. From early morning news to late evening television dramas Filipinos love to watch them all. The television brings families together for a good time. It’s undeniable that Filipino TV programs have a special place in many hearts. With the lifestyle becoming rather busy though sometimes it can’t be helped that you’ll miss some of your shows. Luckily with the internet you can catch your favorite show on your free time at online Pinoy tambayan (hang-out place) sites likes the Pinoy Channel. You’ll surely be able to catch all the shows you want.

Filipino Shows Online

Online sites like Pinoy Channel definitely have become popular. This is most especially true amongst Overseas Filipino Workers and even those who are abroad for studies or those that have migrated. It is one way for them to somehow stay connected with the Filipino culture. They can get to know what is going on in the country as well as the current Filipino popular culture. What is great is that because this is online you can very well watch the shows wherever you may be as long as you are connected to the internet. It is considerably cheaper too as you would not have to pay for channel subscription. Sometimes Filipino shows aren’t broadcasted in the area you are currently based in so having the option to catch Filipino shows online is good to have. Plus with the advent of smartphones it is not difficult to go online and a catch a show or two while in between transit from your home to work and vice versa.


Fun Place To Talk

Another reason why it’s a popular site amongst Filipinos is because they can easily come and meet their fellow Filipinos on it. They can come together and discuss their favorite shows. And those Filipinos that are currently outside the country can also talk about the things they miss about the Philippines. It is also a chance for them to meet new friends and get together. Nothing feels better than getting to know someone who shares the same roots as you and is quite probably sharing the same experiences in a different land.

Not Only For Filipinos

It might seem a bit unbelievable but even foreigners have become interested in Filipino shows as well. They mostly enjoy watching Filipino variety shows or the Filipino dramas. This could be due to influence of their friends and even family members if they belong to a multi-cultural one. Often times when they visit the Philippines they end up heading to the filming studios to watch the shows live. Sometimes they are even lucky enough to be picked from the crowd for a brief stint on television. True to the Filipinos welcoming nature, every new foreign guest is made to feel welcome while enjoying the show.


Showcasing Filipino Spirit

Probably one of the most appealing reasons why people enjoy watching Filipino shows like variety shows is because of the warm and festive atmosphere it portrays. It showcases the beautiful happy spirit of Filipinos. You will always get to see people ready to greet their viewers with a smile, laugh and entertainment. Not only that but often times a heartwarming story unfolds amidst the merriment. I think that’s one way that Filipino variety shows catch the attentions of their viewers. It has many aspects and offers them a relaxing break from their life.

Values And Issues Dramatized

When it comes to Filipino drama shows you get a mixture of fantasy, drama, suspense and many more. It’s pretty much a hodge podge of many genres at times. But the main thing about these Filipino television dramas is that it portrays the values and issues Filipino families experience albeit at times being at exaggerated portions. Despite being sometimes exaggerated people still do enjoy watching it. It is probably because it allows them to experience a different kind of life. Transporting them to a momentary break they could enjoy while relaxing in front of the television. And that same feeling can still be experience even without the television through the Pinoy Channel.


No matter whether you are a Filipino or a foreigner, you will truly find Pinoy Channel an enjoyable site to explore. You will get to experience Filipino culture through the entertaining shows and get to know the current events happening in the country as well. The internet has definitely helped spread the entertainment and culture of many countries. It became easier to access numerous resources. Thanks to it many have felt closer to home despite being physically far away. Some have been able to catch up on their favorite shows to relax after a stressful day. Whatever it may be, the Pinoy Channel is a great place for anyone to enjoy shows and experience a Pinoy ‘tambayan’ (hang-out place) over the internet.

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