Tig welding is applied on materials that are metallic or those that require strict temperature control. These types of materials are so common today.  The availability of these materials has contributed to the rise in demand for the tig welding machines. On this post, we have compiled a list of things you should consider while choosing the best tig welding machine.

  • Duty Cycle

Before buying a tig welding machine, the best thing you should ensure you do is to check on the duty cycle. The duty cycle shows how long can the welding machine work without overheating and still be working correctly. Some machines have very low duty cycles, and they can waste you lot of time cooling down.tig welding

  • Mobility and Portability

While buying a tig welding machine, you have to decide if you want a device that will stay in one place or that will be moving. If the instrument is required for mobile use, you should buy which is portable.

  • Cost

The cost of the tig welder machine matters a lot especially when it comes to choosing which welder you should buy. It helps you determine the difference between the qualities of the machine and features that it is equipped with. tig welding

  • Controls

While buying a tig welding machine, you need to check the controls and the ease of use. Some have complex control buttons, and it’s hard to use especially if you are unfamiliar with such a welding machine. Ensuring that you can operate the machine should be on the list things you should do before buying it.


After deciding you need purchase a tig welding machine the next thing you should do a tig welder is to follow the above tips. They will guide you to choosing the best tig welding machine. There are others, but the above listed are the primary ones.

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