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Various skills and proper discipline are the primary factors for web designing which helps in the production and also in the maintenance of websites. Web designing covers different areas such as graphic designing and interface designing. It is a teamwork in which individuals cover different areas of web designing, but in some cases a few designers cover all the aspects themselves. Web designing describes the process of designing which relates to the front end or client side design of a website.

The World Wide Web (WWB) was created by Tim Berners Lee in 1989 while he was working at CERN. Mosaic browser was created in 1993 by Mark Andreessen and Eric Bina. The first competitive browser was released by Microsoft in 1996 which had its own distinct features and characteristics. This was also the first browser which supported style sheets. Style sheet technique was not a very popular technique back then. Flash was developed in 1996.  Flash was originally known as Future Splash. But Flash required a plug-in and therefore was avoided by many developers as the market share could get limited due to lack of compatibility. Instead, for widgets, designers look towards GIF animations and Java script.


For web designing, a lot of tools are used by designers depending on their involvement in various parts of production process. Over time the tools get updated by newer standards and software but there is no change in the principles behind them. The understanding of the content of a website by a user often depends on the understanding of how the website works. Layout of the web pages, clear instruction and website labelling are all related to user experience. There is another factor called the interactive design which relates to the fact of how well a user can interact on a site. If the user once grasps the understanding of the usefulness of the website, he is likely to stick to that website for a long time.

Modern web designing is far more than the design and programming of the contemporary and visually appealing websites. It is the kind of appeal they can generate for the user. Usability, clarity and page note times are important factors to be taken into account. Content management systems offer a quick and easy solution to provide content on page. Customers with no programming experience can write independent articles, blog posts or store items and change.

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Kassel design is a multifaceted design company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Its visionary concept and imagination is what allows it to be different. Kassel design specializes in all aspects of marketing,social media, search engine optimisation (SEO), web design and development. The goal of this company is to provide high quality websites and marketing campaigns that makes one’s company stand out from the rest. Webdesigner Kassel is a high end graphic design specialist when it comes to high quality custom designs. From illustrations to web and graphic designs and more, when it comes to anything creative you should turn to none other than Kassel Designs.

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