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If you are in a habit of uploading videos, you surely would want more and more people to view your video.  A video that is viewed by a huge audience can actually make you famous as well. So for all those, who are in a hunt for more number of views, here is what you are looking for. We provide a few tips and tricks in brief, that will help you to get more YouTube views and make your video famous.


The very first thing that can actually make your video attract people is the description that you use. Appropriate description play a very important role in getting views. Naming your video file, giving it an appealing title, and describing it thoroughly  can actually give you much better results. The next, is to share your video. How can you expect people to watch your video when they do not know about it? That is exactly what you have to do. Share your video on social media sites like facebook and twitter and make it visible to public. In this way even friends of your friends can watch your video. Also, try sharing you video’s link on WhatsApp, with your friends and family members so they can know about it and let their friends know about it too.

Another tip that can help you get more viewers is editing you video. This might include taking out white spaces, adding music to your video, and including text information such as an email address, twitter handle or more.


Te last you can do is increasing your organic views, and if you still need more you can actually purchase views. Using annotations, getting subscribers and asking people to like and share your videos, are ways that will likely increase your organic views. Moreover, you can choose a wise provider who guarantees you that your video will not be removed, and consider buying some views. Find out more about how to achieve all this here:

Hope this article helps you get more views and make yourself famous along with your video.

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