Getting Rid Of Your Constant Fatigue

Everyone is tired nowadays in their work life. It has turned into a very serious disease and something that has affected 80% of the adults in the world. It is caused due to hormonal imbalances in the body which might be caused due to a disease in one of the glands or also due to our habit of sitting on a desk all the time. Exercising and moving around release a lot of stress and if we don’t move our body it makes us moody and even decreases the levels of adrenaline in our body. We are going to discuss some of the reasons as to why we are always sleepy and even find a cure to them.why am i so sleepy


Depression maybe one f the main causes and studies have shown that almost every adult suffers from a cause of depression every year. This bring downs our and affects the immunity of our body. Depression is very serious as during this time a person let’s go of everything and is just constantly at one place for a long. You can cure depression by letting go of all the processed and refined food in your fridge and closet, avoid sugar rich food, caffeine and alcohol. Replace these with healthy fats and protein rich food which gives you more energy. Go for a walk in the park and feel the sun everyday as the sun rays touching your body helps you to alleviate your mood. Massage yourself with essential oils that help alleviate mood like ylang ylang.


Poor sleep is also the cause for fatigue because when you don’t get a complete quality sleep, you feel sluggish and you feel tired throughout the day. The causes of improper sleep can be due to alcohol or drug abuse, stress, poor diet and even family life. You can fight your sleep disorder by improving your lifestyle. Practice relaxation techniques like meditation which helps you relax your mind. Stay away from electronics before or during your sleep as the blue light emitted by these gadgets can affect the melatonin secretion which in turn affects your sleep. Stay away from food like alcohol and caffeine as they affect your hormonal balances and also stay away from sugar rich food which gives you you a sugar high and affects your sleep.why am i so sleepy


Anemia also affects the sleep patterns in humans as it is a condition which decreases the amount of RBCs in our blood which is responsible for transporting oxygen to various parts of the body. Oxygen helps us to convert our food into energy and therefore when we suffer from anemia, we suffer from fatigue too. Consuming food which is rich in iron helps us increase the RBCs and consuming animal liver like beef and mutton which are rich in iron and Vitamin B will be really helpful. Eat fruits which are rich in Vitamin C like citrus fruits as they increase the absorption o iron in the blood and eat a lot of green leafy vegetables as they are rich in iron and folate.

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