Golf Brisbane, List Of Best Golf Courses Of Brisbane

Golf is an international sport played by hitting a ball with metallic sticks called golf clubs. The goal of this game is to sink the golf ball in the holes made on the ground with minimum strokes. The lush green playgrounds with holes is known as golf courses. They are primarily owned by golfing associations or clubs. Hence, they often allow entry to club members and their guests. However, certain golf courses are made for the public at large. Although it is a game mostly played by elite and famous people, it has made quite progress as an amateur sport. It will be a part of 2 Olympics. It slated to be a part of 2016 and 2020 Olympic games.

This game is prevalent in UK, US and Australia. It has its origin in 15th century Scotland. Brisbane, the capital of Queensland province in Australia is the 3rd most popular city of this nation. This city is a major hub of golfing activities. Similar to other cities golf Brisbane is regulated by certain clubs. This article titled Golf Brisbane, enlists the best golf courses of Brisbane.


  • Brisbane golf club course :

This is situated in 70 Tennyson memorial avenue in Queensland. This private golf club is one of the oldest in Brisbane. It has been an instant choice for golfers for more than a 100 years. Their 18 holes golf course has a world class range. It comes with excellent facilities and clubhouses. They have various competitive events throughout the year.

  • Brook Water golf course :

It is located at 2 tournament drive in brook water region of Queensland. a 6469 metres of sprawling golf course which offers par 72 courses. They have different types of membership packages – corporate or social. It is regarded as one of the best golf courses in Brisbane and frequently opted by golfers

  • Victoria Park golfing complex:

It is located in Herston Road, queensland. It is most closely located golf course to Brisbane CBD. This is an 18 holes golf course having par 63 course rating from USGA. This is one of the few golf courses offering a diverse and excellent mix of city and suburb landscape. It offers a splendid mixture of lush greeneries and city landscape.


  • Royal Queensland Golf Club :

It is located in Curtin Avenue west, eagle farm region of Queensland. This prestigious golf club has been a 3 time host of the Australian open. It is situated at a mere 10 minute drive from Brisbane CBD. Inaugurated in 1920, this club was given royal patronage by King George V in 1921. This 18 holes golf course has excellent facilities including a 280m driving range and additional 200m practice range, floodlit screens for playing even after dark and short gaming facilities.

  • Indooroopilly golf course :

This is a 36 hole public golf course situated in Meier’s road, Indooroopilly region of Queensland. The club is accessible to both visitors and members. This is one of the best recognized clubs of Australia with excellent state of art facilities like 6 combinations of courses, GPS enabled cart, electronic scoring etc. they have strict dressing guidelines of neatly collared shirts, well tailored pants, spiked shoes and sport shocks. T-shirts and track suits aren’t allowed. They offer special corporate day bookings with unique facilities like valet for bag dropping etc.

Overall, this list provides a peek into the best golf courses of Brisbane.

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