Happy Wheels – The Ultimate Stress Buster

The total idea of pc games started sometime around two decades back. Online games attract teenagers as well as grown up people a lot, because of their virtual attraction. Whatever you see in your day to day life was being graphically represented in the game and what you see in your day to day life, you can actually enjoy that in your computer screen. Video games and pc games used to be a routine during our teenage days. Yes, we all have grown up but the habit and the love for pc games haven’t yet gone away completely. We still look for new releases, ponder over different genre of games and look for all those platforms which offer us the perfect gateway. With the improvement of internet, online games have also started to rule the age. I guess everybody is aware of Candy crush, militia or Clash of Clans. They have become a rage among the youth and literally majority of us are submerged in these games probably for the entire day. So this is the craze which is a menace on one hand but it is also a ray of advancement and development on the other.

Finding a space in this picture for itself is the Happy Wheels game. When you visit their website, you will be welcomed with different characters giving a glimpse about the texture of the games available here. You will be seeing a couple kissing each other, the sexy detective, fat lady on a scooter, an adventurer roaring past the traps. So these snippets will definitely make you fall in love. Happy wheels game is not any particular game but this is a forum or a platform which houses collection of games of different genre.


Happy wheels game is a new age game which has great sound and marvelous graphics. This game is a product from a renowned computer graphics professional. They have skillfully created the game to cater to people from all age groups. As the name suggests, Happy wheels game is an adventure game in which you have to go for pursuits amidst obstruction and blockage. When you start the game you first have to choose any character. You will have to navigate the character to win. There are different options available for choosing the track and you have to choose the most suitable track for you. As this is a flash game, you first need to have flash player installed in your system. If you don’t have a flash player installed in your system, you can’t run this game. In case you don’t have, when you start the game a pop up will appear asking you to install flash player. Happy wheels game is the latest flash player game to hit the internet and it has already created a lot of hysteria. This game is extremely easy to play and the controls of the game are very simple. The game has no real point system present. The only challenge present is to reach the end. If you reach the end without dying you will win this game. If you die, you can restart. But the action of an irresponsible father-son duo is very funny to watch.

Before starting the game, you can go to the guide on how to play the game. Everything is explained lucidly there about the controls of the game as well as the different obstacles present. The controls are nothing but the direction keys present in your keyboard. So this is a no brain game basically. All you need to do is to buckle up, keep aside your phone and put your headsets on and start playing the game. It is a perfect stress buster for you.

Open your browser and start the game. Choose from the array of characters present and choose the suitable level present. They have different characters in the game. The suited man on a Segway and he has jump ability as well a fat lady on scooter. So they can easy jump over the obstacles and traps present in the way. Then there is a couple on a moped and they have boost ability. They can roar past any obstacle. And we should not forget the adventurer on a mine cart that has an ability to stick to rail items. These characters are very funny to play with.


Just press the up arrow key to move forward and the direction keys for moving left and right. The creatures, traps, and some holes, craters are the different obstacles present in the game. You have to overcome the spikes, wrecking balls, landmines and giant spiders to reach the finishing lines.

Once you encounter the obstacles you will die and your head will blow off and your level will end. So enjoy the happy wheels game and indulge in some funny controls game.

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