How To Become A Pro At Pogo?

Pokémon Go is still the most played game amongst phone users. This virtual reality game has finally forced all the lazy gamers around the world to get up from their sofas. People can be found all around places of heritage so that they can catch a Pokémon or look for a poke stop. This virtual reality game has gotten everyone obsessed to it and people are competing against each other and battling each other to see who is better. I have seen my friends compare each others Pokémon’s to see who is ahead in the game. pokemon-go-ebaycrop


Well there are some people who still haven’t gotten a hang of the game and if you are one of them then this is the right article for you because it will definitely help you join the category of Pokémon pros. There are some ways to approach the game like keep on restarting the game unless you get the Pokémon of your preferred nature. The Pokémon’s that you catch in the beginning will decide you rest of the journey and if you get a weak nature, then you may miss out on the rare Pokémon’s in the future.Screen-Shot-2016-07-19-at-6.10.34-PM

You need t plan out your team and most of the layers aren’t consistent on the battle field because they randomly choose the pokemon pros that they will use but you can become an absolute pro if you just carefully plan your team. You need to realize the strong points and the weak points and decide the Pokémon you can keep for last so that you can open a surprise attack in the end.

Your motive in the game is not to defeat the Elite Four and catch some legendary Pokémon’s because that is where the game begins and you get to see many more features after you have defeated the Elite Four.

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