Investing In Real Estate In Mallorca

Majorca is said to be a romantic place to live in. People are always looking for a good deal surrounded by amazing amenities and the best bargains. When there is a property for sale Majorca has to offer, people are always rushing for it. There is something about the place that people just love. Although Majorca is one of the most expensive parts in the Iberian Peninsula, people still love to get into a love affair with Majorca.

Many people, especially Britons, either own their holiday home or are settled on this island. The best part of Majorca is it sees 300 days of sun. This beautiful island is also home to 23 golf courses, easy air access and 25 marinas. People from the UK have always loved this small island from Spain. The number of British buyers investing in property for sale Majorca provides has tripled off late. Majorca has had a reputation of being a place only for people who love clubbing and drinking. However that all has changed now.


Today Majorca is one of the most beautiful and best Mediterranean destinations. The island is home to various mountain villages and amazing roadways. Natural harbors such as the Puerto Soller benefit the coast of Majorca tremendously. Many millionaires run towards Majorca trying to establish themselves in areas like Puerto Portals, Palma and Andratx.

Well known celebrities such as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones own holiday homes in the beautiful village of Deia located in Majorca. Other owners in the area include the public relations guru Lynne Franks, Andrew Lloyd Webber, tennis legend Borris Becker and famous actress Claudia Schiffer. Property prices in Majorca have been going through the roof and have not wobbled even the slightest in the last two years.

Investing here is definitely one of the best investments you will ever make. The value of property in Majorca has increased by over 170% in the last decade. Another attraction towards Majorca is the exclusivity this island has to offer. Very few people have been to Majorca and that adds to its charm. The government had banned the development of Majorca for several years now and that has retained most of its old world charm. Today the island has developed a lot with tall buildings and beautiful beach homes have graced the skyline of this island.


Majorca is easily one of the largest islands of Spain and is made up of two mountainous regions – Serres de Llevant and Serra de Tramuntana. The Serra de Tramuntana was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 and is one of the most amazing mountain ranges in Spain. This southwest-northeast running mountain range also forms the backbone of Majorca. Another major attraction in Majorca is the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival. This festival adds glamour to the area and is one of the fastest growing film festivals in the Mediterranean. This annual festival attracts the best filmmakers, directors and producers from around the world.

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