Is The Diabetes Destroyer Reliable? Diabetes Destroyer Review

With the growing number of diet-related health problems and rising population of obese patients, a number of diet trends have come on the rise. “Diabetes Destroyer” is one such trend which aims to help the patients suffering from diabetes to control and “destroy” diabetes by adopting lifestyle and dietary changes.


The creator of this program is David Andrews, who runs a five-star hotel. “Diabetes Destroyer” is the name of his book which seeks to cure diabetes by reducing the symptoms through the guidelines given in his book. Since it is obscure whether the author has received any medical training, there is a need of extensive research on the subject. The author did not receive medical training, so it is obscure whether the program is a scam or truly efficient.

To understand the extent of the reliability of the program, one must understand the ways in which it seeks to cure diabetes type II.

  • There are some dietary patterns that need to be followed. Close attention has to be paid to the portion and time intervals between meals. There are some strict rules like the elimination of gluten.
  • A thirty-second workout has also been provided along with other dietary secrets that help to lose weight and/ or increase metabolism.

All in all, there is no “magic” diet that helps to cure diabetes overnight, rather it is a lifestyle change that can bring changes if adhered to with discipline.

Here are a few reasons why this Diabetes Destroyer Review finds the program unreliable :

  • The guidelines given in the book, itself, are quite challenging. Although, the Diabetes Destroyer may not be a scam, it will be difficult to follow all of the instructions given in it. Therefore, in reality, a small portion of the readers may actually follow it, making the research subject population very narrow to retrieve a solid conclusion.

  • As mentioned before in the Diabetes Destroyer review, the founder himself probably does not have a formal medical education. Moreover, the contents of his book are not regulated by the law. There are no specific scientific researches that back up the guidelines and supposed facts laid down in the book. In such cases, it is probably more advisable to consult a medical doctor than take the instructions to be scientifically sound.
  • Most of the information about the reception of the book come through third-party reviews that have been flooding online. However, one will view with scepticism the amount of Diabetes Destroyer reviews that are given under unknown websites. This may probably be a marketing tactic to bring in more followers of the program.
  • Apart from the unreliable sources, the number of reviews from verifiable sources like news and personal blogs give us a lukewarm review of the book. Although these do not fully dismiss the contents of the book as a scam, they also do not fully support the benefits of the book. Rather, most of them echo the same message – the Diabetes Destroyer promises more than it delivers.


  • In other words, the benefits to be drawn are lesser than the efforts it requires. The cumbersome nature of the instructions that have been discussed earlier itself is a big reason to opt for less expensive and more trustworthy options.

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