Kik Messenger: An Ultimate Chatting App With Strangers

With loads of chatting app on the Google Plays Sore these days, one of the famous app is KIK messenger. To chat anonymously with any stranger, to talk to completely unknown person, Kik is a good medium. Kik messenger is a free app that is you can download it from Playstore freely. It is basically a messaging app that uses your data pack or wifi to work. It was developed by Canadian company and  was inspired from the Blackberry messenger app. So here is the way to use KIK application.

  • Start with KIK messenger app by downloading its setup. KIK messenger can operate on the platforms like Android, IOS, Blackberry, and Windows. So if you are using any one of the operating systems from these four, you can access this app. All you have to do is to download the setup, and install it on your system.
  • After installing the messenger, you will see the kik messenger logo on your mobile screen. Click on that icon. You need to sign up for using the app. You have to create an account on KIK messenger. For creating an account, following details are required:


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username*
  • Password
  • Birth Date
  • Phone no(optional)
  • Profile picture(optional) – kik usernames is the one you are known with. You will be recognised by this Username on the KIK id, and this name should be unique.

  • After creating the account on KIK, a dialog box will appear in front of you asking to find friends. By clicking on the button” Find Friends”, synchronisation will be one. And now you are all ready to start chat.
  • Apart from chatting to random strangers, you can set your photo; you can invite your friends on KIK, or request them to add you on their friend list. Kik also had the feature of blocking unwanted persons.


In all this procedure, no verification proof was asked. Phone number is asked but this is also optional. You can type whatever name you want, can use any username and can create a fake account if you want to go anonymous. This is what differentiates KIk from other chatting applications. KiK provides anonymity. The only restriction KIK has imposed is the age restriction. Legally, users above 13 years are allowed to use this application but again, while mentioning the birth day, no verification process is there, so cross checking the age of User is almost impossible.

Kik is basically a 17+ rated app which clearly implies that this application is not for kids. Also KIK has gained lot of bad publicity in the name of child exploitation. But still after that KIK is popular among youth. From the latest records, KIk has more than 240 million registered users. It has got a good rating on the different stores, and is appreciated by lot of users because of user friendly interface, responsive nature and many more. There are a lot many features of KIK, that can be fun to explore. So to know more about them, start kiking.

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