Let’s Start Couponing

What if I tell you, you don’t have to spend an entire sunday morning for groceries and other shopping at big bazaars or at the supermarket and coming back disappointed and thirsty with all the bargaining talks exchanged with the seller as you wanted to avail some extra discounts, buy¬†lesser than the MRPs, but all they offered was some cheap cutoffs on some useless things or the discount was in some paisa value. Sometimes you might grab on heavy discounts and stuff the trunk of your car with shopping bags as you feel like you just won a Nobel Prize for shopping at discounted prices.

Discount coupons are in fashion and scream savings to me.

Imagine how you will feel finally buying that bag you have eyeing on for over a month, you come across a discount coupon available to you for that particular brand.

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First you will have a victory dance and will grab your keys and rush to the nearest store to buy that little bling that was shinning in your eyes. They are letting the customers participate in the marketplace more actively, both the actual market and also the online space. Sometimes the discounts and offers are so attractive that they seem to be misleading, some fear to believe them. After reading some offers in the newsletter, the first thought that often pops up in one’s head is ” why are they giving so much concession, don’t they suffer from loses”? Will you believe, if I say that last week after shopping at the mall, I was given a free coupon to the nearest spa as the lucky customer of the day. At first I was happy and suddenly was dreaming about that relaxing spa when the bubble was bursted with the second thought that, wait what is the hidden cost or some conditions.

This might restrain some people from using and availing them. That’s why you need to swim deeper into the ocean to choose the right pearl. Don’t follow the advertisements with blindfolds on your eyes. Be alert and always curious about the hidden terms and conditions.

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These days when you can order food online or call up someone to drop 3 kgs of tomatoes and little coriander. In the world where everything is made available and accessible with the satellites orbiting in and out of this heavenly planet. The internet is buzzing with discount oriented application and websites. They promise to cut down some of your expenses with discount codes and deals. Not only on recharges and payments of bill, food ordering, clothing, cosmetics, taking a cab to office, even eating at your favorite cafe or restaurant might be offering special cuts in prices and call it “happy hours”. There are discounts and bargains every where. You name it and you get it.

These coupons are not just letting the customers save their part of income but also it is being used in advertising and broadcasting their Ventures, new launches of product line,so that more and more people can be aware and the attention is focused on their franchises and products. After all market is a place where demand meets supply.

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