Lies! No More

We lie in our daily life to our friends, family, wife, girlfriend and colleagues or the people we know for example, when we are getting late to get somewhere and someone calls, sometimes we tell the truth how ever at other times  almost there’, ‘will be there’ or some other excuse. From childhood we have seen that no one except our mom and dad can tell if we are lying. They can do so because they know us very well, but not everyone knows everyone that well, then what should we do,when we want to know if someone is lying to us. A decade back I could have suggested to hire  a detective but today there are other ways to find out if someone is telling truth or not. One of the most famous way for doing so will be the polygraphy test, commonly known as the lie detector test.

What is a lie detector test or the polygraphy test, it is system designed to record and analyze blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin condition. It works on a simple theory that when a person lies or try to hide the truth there will be change in one of these physiological parameters. In most of the cases this theory works fine, but there is no certainty that this test can always be right, even with this uncertainty many people comfort and use these services for their personal or commercial needs.


Doing a polygraphic test is not like you can go to a medical store and get a kit and do it, no its not even close to that, the machinery is expensive and the examiners is needed to have certain skills. Earlier finding someone to do these tests was a problem but now, there are many companies out there which can provide you with such services. In case of united kingdom companies like U.K  lie detector test provides the service of polygraph for companies to assess their employs, for couples to clear their doubts,etc.The lie detector test London UK– used by police during interrogation of victims or the culprits. The main motives behind the development of polygraph were

  1. Study of human behavior and emotion,
  2. To get the truth out of the convicts without much use of violence.

I mentioned about the uncertainty and it was that the polygraphy test can not tell simply point out if a person is lying. The polygraph was made to analyze the physiological responses of a human being for study purpose. Yes many times it can successfully record deviation from normal pattern but if must not be interpreted as that person is lying. Those deviation may be a result of something else, in the case when interrogation of an innocent person his physiological markers can deviate from normal for reason like anxiety, fear or some other physical or mental problem there are also the chances of wrong interpretation by the examiner as there is no royal road to human emotions and according to scientific research there is no certain physiological marker or brain activity related to lying.


Polygraphy is inherently subjective because it relies heavily on the interpretations of the examiner and there is most favourite part of every culprit, the counter measures. The polygraph or lie detection test, whether in London, UKor the world is well known but one must chose it with his or her own accord and only after the knowing the probability of not getting right results even if everything goes well.

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