Making A Journey Memorable

Melaka is a world heritage site and a popular tourist destination. This means that the transport routes remain crowded all the year round. So after Melaka, tourists try to reach Kuala Lumpur. Not only tourists, even local residents also avail this bus route frequently. As a result the route remains busy all the time. As a result you should pre book the bus tickets early so that you don’t remain stuck due to unavailability of tickets. is an ideal site for you. You can easily and quickly book bus tickets from here. The booking process is very simple and payment is done electronically. Transnasional and KKKL are the two most popular travel agencies present. Other travel agents are also there. Bus timings are spread out across the day. So you can book the ideal bus for you depending upon your requirements.


After you select the bus, pick your desired seat. Generally the average fare is 15MYR for adults and 12MYR for children. Details of the bus and timing are also reflected against the bus. So after you book the ticket, you will be able to get contact details of the travel agent. They can assist you with your queries.

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But you can also book tickets for trains, ferries and hotel stays. Melaka to KL journey is also very good. You have to travel amidst mystic forests and moist environment. So the journey is also much in demand among tourists. That’s why pre booking is always recommended. You don’t have to collect your tickets. E-ticket will also work. Sleeper buses are also present. The journey time is roughly around 2.5 hours. You can book round trip journey also if you are planning to make KL your base and then roam around to get a feel of the place.

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