My Second Credit Card

The First Premier bank, America’s 10 largest issuer of Master cards and Visas is back with another great offer.

People can apply for a second credit card to First Premier Bank if they have an excellent credit history associated with the bank and they are guaranteed to get one from the bank. People who don’t have multiple accounts and have one credit card account which is in good shape automatically qualifies for the scheme.


The only thing needed in order to start the application process is the confirmation number that was received by one on the First Premier bank mailer.

The bank who is famous for working with Premier Bankcard in order to issue credit cards to people who are rebuilding their credibility. The program “My Second card” aims to provide credible persons another credit card who have maintained a certain standard over the years.

One of the strongest capitalized and healthiest banks of the United States is looking to tick more boxes. The bank is based in South Dakota and is famous for providing credit cards in the subprime range to customers who have below par credit history.


As per the rules of the program, the customer needs to apply within the stipulated time period and use the name, date of birth and social security number that was present on the first card. People should have sufficient assents or income in order to meet the expenses. The person should have a minimum balance of 10000 USDS. He/she should have only one credit card account and no application should be lying with the bank pending asking for a second account.

Also customers who already have obtained a second credit card from the bank in the last 13 months are exempted from “My Second Card” program of the First Premier Bank.

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