Natural treatments to remove pinguecula

A pinguecula is the formation of non-cancerous growth that appears on the clear protective membrane of the eyes. This growth normally covers the whites of eye as well as the inner eyelid. Usually, it occurs on 3 o clock or 9 o clock position from the cornea and looks a yellow patch or bump on the whites of eye. But this condition is completely different from jaundice that causes a common yellowing color of the whole sclera. Once it occurs, you may feel slight irritation that tends to swell in your eyes. Now, there are lots of ways available for pinguecula removal naturally that needs to be followed carefully depend on the severity of your symptoms. pinguecula pterygium-post

The end results of pinguecula are irritation and eye redness that might cause due to over exposure of sunlight, wind, dust or heavy dry conditions such as desert or air-conditioned room. You have commonly found this condition in adults and older people who often spend more time in the sunlight. All you need to do is to look for the best ways to remove this condition, but it does not affect the eye vision. Over the years, it may enlarge and it will not extend across the cornea. Once you have found that you suffer from pinguecula, you must approach the eye doctor for examination and try to diagnose as well as treat it quickly.cch_figure8_lg

Best treatment options for pinguecula

With this pinguecula condition, you can seek help to prevent this growth from developing by just using the hats and sunglasses in the outdoors. It is very essential to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet light, which greatly helps to limit the growth of development after you have been diagnosed properly. The best way to treat this redness and irritation caused by pinguecula is using the simple eye drops with a proper doctor’s recommendation.

There are lots of steroid eye drops available that widely used in most cases to treat any kind of skin issues. Depend on the severity of your symptoms, the pinguecula surgery can recommend to take and remove this enlarged condition as safe as possible. However, here only simple surgical procedure can follow it to remove.

Removal of pinguecula growth

When it comes to pinguecula removal naturally, there are lots of natural home remedies available to follow that include:

Aloe Vera

It contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help to fight against the fungi and bacteria. It also reduces the burning and itchiness that is associated with pinguecula.


It is one type of dark colored berries that contain antioxidants. It greatly helps to clear the eyes and also in overall improvement of the vision.


This herb can be used as a tea ingredient. It greatly helps to treat pinguecula and use this tea for washing your eyes.

Green tea

It is most effective in treating conditions like pinguecula. It provides instant relief from inflammation as well as irritation caused due to pinguecula. You can also use this tea to sooth the eyes by eyewash.

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