Now you can watch TV online. You don’t need to pay anything to watch TV Channels. There are also many websites that can give you free TV streaming of 1,000 to 5,000 TV Channels. Here are the top sites where you can watch TV online.



This is the best place to watch TV shows and movies online. It provides 30 day free trial to all its members. You can watch many award winning TV shows, movies and HBO series here. It has the largest volume of online streaming content. It costs £5.99 per month.

2. Netflix


This offers unlimited movies and box sets. It is a very popular online film site in the US. There are more than 2,500 movies and TV shows that you can watch instantly. It costs £5.99 per month. Netflix also offers one month free trial.

3. Now TV


Using this you can view Sky TV without having Sky. If can have a whole package of Sky movies, Entertainment and Sports. The package costs £7.00 per month. You can buy the entertainment package and the sports package separately. It also provides one month free trial.

In order to watch these channels, you need to have fast internet connection. This way you can easily turn your laptop or computer into a home theater. You can watch sports events, live shows,etc. without spending much money. Sometimes you will get ad breaks. These sponsors help the online TV channels to run successfully.

Entertainment Sites

It is very hard to get a sports scholarship. Only 2% of high school students can manage to get this. Here are some tips that can increase your chances of getting a sports scholarship.

1. Contact coaches

You should start contacting coaches. Get their contact and send them an email stating that you are interested in joining Division I. You should include basic information about yourself, like name, class, date of birth, parents’ name, school name, member of any sporting club, sports awards, sports statistics, year of graduation, etc. You must start contacting the coaches from the sophomore year in high school.

2. Post a video on YouTube

Record 7 to 8 minutes of your playing action and send it to the coach. You can send an email also along with the video.

3. Update coaches

Contact the coaches in regular intervals to know about the progress. You can invite them to see you play in tournaments.

4. Don’t go to professional athletic recruiting services

Don’t waste your money and time on professional athletic recruiting services. They don’t guarantee any result. It’s better to apply by yourself.

Plan ahead and be patient. Showcase your best talent to the coaches. This way you will increase the chance of getting a sports scholarship.


Schools Sports

The rankings of universities vary. It depends on the departments, research facilities, qualification of faculties, number of students, employment rate, etc. Here are the top 5 universities in the U.S. whose ranking is based on the overall performance.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


MIT is ranked number 1 in USA and also is holding the top position in the list of top universities worldwide. The university has produced some notable and successful alumni. It is popular for its technology-related courses and also for economics, biology, management and linguistic courses.

2. Harvard University


This is the best university for life sciences and medicine. It holds the second position in the world for arts and humanities. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the USA. It was established in 1636.

3. Stanford University


This university is popular for it’s business courses. It holds the second position for engineering and technology. Alumnus from this university are now the owners of many big companies in the world like Yahoo!, Google, Nike and Instagram.

4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


This is a very small university, but is respected for its research in science and engineering. It’s ranking is 8th in the field of natural sciences.

5. University of Chicago


This university is highly regarded for both science and arts courses. The university’s alumni include 89 Nobel Prize winners. The press of this university is the largest in the USA. The Physics department of this university is very renowned for research.

The rankings of these universities keep on changing every year. If you get a chance to study in one of these top 5 universities then a very bright future waits ahead of you.

Entertainment Schools

It is wrong to think that Instagram is only suited for the big budget brands. As a small business with a limited budget, you can use the platform to your own advantage and connect with your customers. If used correctly, Instagram can help to increase the sales revenues of your small business tremendously. However, in order to enjoy these benefits you need to first of be on Instagram. This is especially important if your target audience in between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

When using Instagram, you do not even need to buy instagram followers to be successful. With these essential tips you can easily market your small business and even compete with the big budget brands.

download (8)

  1. Your Instagram web profile needs to be spot on

Instagram has made major strides in transforming the platform from being just a mobile based platform. Today, the platform offers users with new web based profiles on the previously mobile only network. You can check this out on[username].

  1. Be attractive

In as much as visual content tends to sell more it does not mean that you should go for boring content. Try as much as possible to create content that your users will find attractive. The photos and the videos posted need to be of the highest quality to offers users with visually appealing content that best describes your brand. Even if it means downloading apps that can help you increase the visual appeal if it works for you do not be afraid to use them.

  1. It helps if you can be responsive and remain engaged

Do not make the mistake of assuming that Instagram is all about photos and nothing more. The platform also involves creating a community and facilitating conversation between the users. The platform works in such a way that the moment you upload a picture and create a hashtag for the same, people are most likely going to interact with your profile and even encourage them to leave comments. You can encourage engagement simply by asking questions and responding to the comments left by your followers.

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  1. Relevancy helps

As a small business, the fact that you can use Instagram to promote your business without spending money should act like a huge encouragement. In order to achieve success on the platform, you’ll have to post relevant content that excites users on the platform. Stick to posting pictures of your business and products/services or any other thing that is related to your business. Instead of posting pictures of your beloved cat or what you’ve just had for lunch you need to start considering posting things that can promote your brand such as your business culture.

  1. Be present

Your audience is always ready for more. Therefore, after establishing your Instagram presence, it is important that you continue to generate meaningful content that will keep your followers engaged to your profile. Relevancy will always give you an upper hand over your fellow competitors which is exactly what you want to succeed in the industry. for example we can use some specific hashtags such as who unfollowed me instagram and can attract the customers


You are lying if you say that you haven’t heard of the coolest Japanese kitty collector game- none other than The NEKO ATSUME. But if you still haven’t, then let me tell you some interesting tips, cheats and strategies about the same. Neko Atsume is a Japanese kitty collector mobile phone game for both ios and android. It also has neko atsume cheats. They are useful to play the game, There are more than 40 varieties of cats. You just have to attract them with good food. A small backyard area is provided to the player where these cats from neighborhood come to visit. There are rare cats too which you can attract only by some particular kind of food.

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Simple it seems! right? But what about getting a highest score and flaunt it over! Yes you can achieve this in some very simple way. Cheats to the rescue! Yes there are a variety of cheats for neko atsume. You can find them here.
First of all we need to know how to attract more number of cats. Just apply the day to day scenario. How would you attract your own cat? You know what your cat likes and tempt it with that. It may be a toy or some food of course. So what you are gonna do is to learn which item specific cats love the best. You just need to check your cat book to learn which toys and items allure each cat.

Want to collect gold fishes but not having enough cash or gifts from cats. Not to worry, as there are some other means which can provide you with those gold fishes. The silver fishes! Yes you read that right. You can buy gold fishes with your silver fishes too.
If you want to attract more and more cats, you need to be really creative. To draw the attention of cats you have to decorate and arrange your furniture in such a way that cats find it comfortable. For example, some cushions or pillows, they’ll enjoy jumping on which makes their bottom more comfortable.

You’ll find a big fluffy white cat named ‘tubb’ hanging in your garden. Use him to earn a lot of niboshi. He is a type of cat who doesn’t easily stay. So all you have to do to make him stay is just refill his bowl with the food he loves (as I already mentioned above how to find a cat’s favorite food) whenever he tries to go out. The trick here is always refill his bowl so he would stay until he provides you with a gift.
There’s an important point to be noted about the rare cats. The rare cats are mostly attracted to themed objects. So if you want one go on to buy themed objects. It’s up to you how much you spend on them.

Now you can feed your cats at night too without even waking up. Just change you phone’s date and time to whatever seems suitable to you and keep those bowls filled up overnight. Now you can leave out fresh food. The result- you won’t find the empty garden without any cats in the morning. But never forget to put your phone on the correct time after that.
Now that you have explored the hidden secrets of neko atsume, you’ll be able to have a fluffy collection of cats. So go to the app and start alluring your kitties!


Playing college basketball is quite different from playing professional basketball. For instance, the timing clocks are set differently, rules governing defense, possession and fouls vary; and the season schedules are shorter for college basketball leagues than for the professional leagues. Owing to these seemingly subtle differences,the physical stamina and endurance required for players in each league will vary too.

A college basketball workout program should be designed to train unique strengths suitable for longer play without rest. So how does a college basketball team exercise for the required mobility, speed, strength, hand-eye coordination and stamina? They need an efficient and effective warm up schedule like the one described here. we can learn more about the basketball workout plan here.


Warm ups

Light warm ups are prerequisite for any physical sport, both during team practice and prior to the actual game. Focus mainly on stretching and flexibility warm ups. These are essential to increase mobility and stamina while strengthening the body. The major purpose for this is to ease the players’ body into intense physical activity and avoid injuries.

Calf and Heel stretches

Running laps round the court is often the best practice to stretch and tone the players’ legs in preparation for the taxing runs during a basketball game. Follow the laps with leg stretches against a wall or hard vertical surface. First lean against a wall, ensuring the heels remain rooted to the floor and the legs remain straight stretch along the calves. Repeat this while bending the knees to stretch the achilles tendons.

Full body Stretching exercises

The team should try various stretch exercise routines to warm the legs and prepare the joints for workout. Jumping exercises, such as with a skipping rope are usually a good start.

Follow these up with a series of full body stretch exercises, focusing on the major muscle groups such as the upper and lower back, shoulders and hamstrings.

For stretching and strengthening the hamstrings, the players should lie on their backs and lift their legs upwards towards their bodies, one leg at a time.

Then teammates should sit in pairs on the floor facing each other, bend their knees and stretch their legs as wide as possible. In this position hold hands and pull each other forwards and upwards. This exercise stretches the upper back muscles, preparing the players for shooting and reaching rebounds.

Weight lifting

Weight lifts are ideal for stretching the shoulders and training lower back muscles. However, a proper Weightlifting Routine must be followed to avoid over-exerting players at levels that their bodies are not prepared for. It is safe to start off with bench presses, dumbbell presses and pull-ups. Advance weight lifts can then be integrated into the college basketball workout program as the team progresses.


Speed training

Playing basketball requires speed and agility. Members of the team can practice this by doing sprints in the court, and breaking off the sprints abruptly.

Have the team finish off the workout with a couple of drill jogs around the court to increase the flexibility of the players. This includes running while doing skips, crossover steps, butt kicks, high knee extensions and ankle flips.

Now the team is ready to start basketball practice.


With the way things are, it is evident a good number of parents would want their children to play T-ball as it helps promote good health, and communication skills. However, as with any other sport, children can learn the game through constant encouragement from us parents to putting them through regular practice drills. For starters, here are the best T-ball practice drills for kids.


Throw and catch

Children love action and throwing and catching practice drill is not only going to help them learn the game better, but entertaining as well when it is executed perfectly well. How to pull off this drill is unbelievably simple. Kids of thesame height could be put on the baseline and you throw the ball to the players for a catch and the back to you. One of the best things about this simple drill is that it will not only encourage the young players to connect with their coach, but also learn the skills of the game quickly. This drill should, however, be done with a tennis ball or safety ball at first. Plus, for younger and inexperienced players, the toss should be slightly to the glove side of the player so if they miss the ball it won’t strike them in the face.

Batting and fielding

Batting fundamental is also a great drill that every childwould love to participate in. From Hit-off tee to soft toss, it is safe to say they are a good number of variations to batting basics to motivate the player. So, why is batting so important? Batting drills will in myriad of was help the player to develop excellent eye contact and also sharp focus for the on-coming ball while motor skills will help them hit the ball accurately. For real, it cannot get better than that.

As with batting, fielding is also another excellent t-ball practice drill that young player must be taught; it is where great skills of this amazing game must be incorporated. Just like baseball , t-ball needs the player to be in steady position, alert and focused eyes to watch the ball. At the end, such drills will help young players develop strong teamwork and deeper cooperation among them.


Running the bases

The last of the T-ball drills for kids is running the base; you will be surprised to learn that most kids don’t know how to run the bases. You could actually start the drill with a helping parent or even two at home plate; you, as the coach, at the first base, another parent at second base and one at third base. The parent at home will have the kids stand in the batter box. Then, when the parent says Play Ball’ they will swing an imaginary bat, lay it down and run first. You will be at first encouraging them to run hard and get to first. However, for the first few practices, you should only work on one base at a time.

Overall, each practice drill actually helps the coach and players to communicate with one another, and the best part, well executed drills will build a strong team despite the young ages of players click for more information


Recently, I encountered one of the best sources online for downloading the newest free movie and TV shows straight to my Android device. I couldn’t be more excited about not only the quality of the downloads, but also the amazing speeds with which my downloads completed.

My search for an incredible array of movies and TV shows, with Show Box. When I arrived at the site, I was met with a very refreshing and delightful layout, showing the top new movies and TV shows I was looking for, this made my use of the service even more delightful! The quality and fast speeds of the shows I downloaded made for an incredible viewing experience on everything from my Blackberry, to my PC, even to my Kindle Fire!

With Show Box I was instantly able to recap the episodes of my favorite TV shows I missed, and even watch the entire new movie I missed in theaters. It made watching with my friends and family extremely easy with its ability to download to Cromecast. When I was on the go, this Show Box was there to watch offline on my PC or Mac. Because of this service, Show Box, I’m able to utilize all of its amazing features in order to optimize my viewing features to be my absolute favorite. This product lives up to all my expectations and then some.
Thanks to its rugged versatility, amazing user interface; and lets not forget about the absolutely beautiful streaming quality, I would give Show Box ten out of ten.

I would quickly recommend it to all of my friends and family members who haven’t yet used to it stream any of their favorite Movies and TV shows on nearly any Android platform.

ShowBox is by far the best program I’ve ever used for video downloads!


Six Reaons to Pursue Travel Nursing Jobs

As the population of developed nations gets older, there are more opportunities for young people, especially trained, educated nurses to get jobs taking care of the elderly. You can travel the world as a nurse to help people in need and make a good living for yourself. Below are six reasons to take on a nursing job, as in nursing jobs in Saudia Arabia, for example.


  1. Travel: You get to see a part of the world you never saw before, and spend time in a different country. You will help people when you are at work, and travel and enjoy the nightlife when you are off work. Exotic locales are always interesting.
  1. Helping the elderly: As part and parcel of a nursing job, you get to tend to the needs of the elderly and sick populations, which to the right person, can be tremendously gratifying. This is good work and should be done, and the world needs more nurses.
  1. Money: Perhaps most importantly, you will be making good money, and can do with it as you please. Money is power, and this is an untapped source of income, the elderly living in a wealthy nation of high rises and fancy neighborhoods.
  1. A unique nation: Saudia Arabia is a unique nation with huge, stretched out deserts and cities built sky high like an oasis in the middle of them.
  1. Independence: You won’t be working for anyone but saudi arabia nursing jobs as a travelling nurse to a different country. Imagine the autonomy of living with your employer and not being told what to do by a doctor or some other professional.
  1. The Healthcare sector never dies: As long as there are more people, and they keep getting older, there is no limit to this profession. It will always be needed and in demand. As long as you are able to work, there will be work for you.

So that sums up the top 6 reasons to pursue a travel nursing job, especially in an exotic local such as Saudia Arabia.


The mysterious world of Japanese fairy tail Manga can be very confusing and intimidating to get into. That is why it is important to know how and where to start. Fairy tail Manga series has been extremely popular in Japan and all around the world.


So there are many important things that you should know before starting this Manga comics.
Fairy tail is not very different from One Piece Manga series in that it is also based on a quest but, this time, the heroes are searching for a dragon rather than charm or an amulet. The chronicle takes place in the Wizard’s Guild as Lucy Heartfilia sharpens her magical skills and prepare for her opportunity, but the Guild is infamous for disastrous tendencies.

So Lucy along with Grey, Erza and Natsu run into trouble as they struggle against the Guild and now her only hope is Natsu, a boy who is not her typical hero type. He eats like a madman, gets motion sickness and is friendly with a talking animal. Will Lucy be able to save herself with these type of friends?

This Manga mega-series is written by Hiro Mashima and has been published in Shonen Magazine since August 2006. There are around 52 volumes, but the best way to enjoy the fairy tail is actually to read them regularly. Later, its individual chapters were collected and published in Tankoubon volumes.

So if you have become uncomfortable with Internet surfing, read fairy tail Manga with interest. It will certainly catch your imagination. Don’t forget that when you read this comics, you read them from right to left. Generally, when you open up Manga Fairy tail, just like you would any other novel or story book, there will be a page that will explain to you how to read and enjoy this comics.