Perma-Bans Have Arrived To Prevent Pokemon Go Cheaters

Apparently, people have found ways to cheat on Pokemon Go. And Niantic Inc. is not letting that happen because the whole excitement and the gameplay vibe will get ruined if there are apps like Pokemon Map in the app stores, what’s the fun if you get to see where the Pokemons are in the maps and straight walk up to one? If you didn’t know, the objective of Pokemon Go is to offer a gameplay in the augmented reality, people would walk around their neighborhoods to find Pokemons and once found, would ‘catch ‘em all!’ and that’s how the game proceeds through.

Niantic goes rough on Pokemon Go Cheaters

There hadn’t been a separate section on using assistance based tools like a Map to easily find the Pokemons for the Pokemon Go app. However, since these ‘cheats’ are now popping out of everywhere, Niantic had to release an update to their Terms of Service. The update had come out as a warning against the Pokemon Go players who have been using maps to easily locate Pokemons, Pokestops or Pokegyms without even walking around their locality.


Apparently, Niantic will block any IP that’s found of using an app that directly violates the Pokemon Go Terms of Service. These apps in the form of cheats, bots and GPS-spoofing apps so that users can just stay inside home, and the Pokemon Go app will think the users are actually walking around sat some place.

Serious than the previous ‘Soft Ban’

Niantic had introduced some sort of a Soft Ban earlier, which essentially banned any player who had been found guilty of doing the same. However, these soft bans lasted no longer than 12 hours and wasn’t proven to be useful, so Niantic had to go the hard way this time.



Any third party Pokeman map app that violates the Niantic Terms of Service is eligible for getting permanent ban – no Pokemon Go player should better adopt any unfair means.

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