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Pixel gun 3D is a multiplayer first person shooter, that is available on both google play and app store. What makes it different from others is its pixelated that kind of reminds me of Mine craft. It has both multiplayer and single player campaign mode. It’s fun playing it with your friends and defeating them on the basis of shear gaming skills. It also deals with zombie survival mode where one has to deal with zombies coming on the way. You can customize your character with different skins that are available in the game. There are different categories of guns available and most fun to use and difficult to get is the premium one. The game is all free but within the game purchases are present which makes the game more thrilling. All in all it is a great game with a robust community to support it but certain basic problems and glitches are encountered in the game.


Hacks for Pixel gun 3D available :

As a gamer I personally hate grinding for coins or gems and always like to find an easy way out. In Pixel Gun 3D hack iOS you can get those sexy premium guns easily by generating unlimited coins  without spending a single dime in store credits etc. First the standard procedure of running any mods on your mobile you have get your phone rooted first if you are using android or jailbreak if you have an iPhone. Then you can search for different mods that are available like one of them is hack root and many more of these mods are available. There are different tips and tricks that you noobs out there can use to get those guns without spending any real money.


Never upgrade your primary equipment’s save those gold coins for later purposes. As you will lose gold coins and will find yourselves on the mercy of others.


You need to change difficulty to hard first. Then get yourselves a premium gun like laser canon and then farm in the main campaign missions


Play a lot of multiplayer as those will provide you a lot coins. You can also play survival in higher difficulty level for coins

You can use these methods or go the easy way by using hack tools which will provide you with unlimited supply of gold coins for getting every available gun possible.


It also has a multiplayer chat system through which you can interact to players all over the world and make strategies required to win a multiplayer match or write hate messages to the losing team that we all love to do. Now this game also has an open beta for PC users so they can also enjoy the endless fun that this game provides. My personal favorite over powered guns are primary Rambo rifle for backup crystal fast death for meele fire demon for special it is the chain thunderbolt and at last  is premium Armageddon this is my personal favorite load out.

Following these tricks one can get the best out of the game!

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