Planning On A Property: Real Estate In Israel

Just as in any other country when it comes to purchasing a property, that is, immobilier israel sur there is certain points to keep in mind. Getting a place to stay, an apartment, a land or any property is an important step in one’s life and it requires serious and deliberate thinking and the decisions are never simple and don’t expect them to be. What with when the internet is flooded with n-number of real estate agents, all ready to help you. Before making the decision to go on with this process, you need to first prepare a financial chart indicating your available budget and all other viable options also to see if you require a loan.


In Israel, both the buyer and the seller have to pay commission to the agent and it’s usually 2% of the price of the property. The Israeli law clearly requires you to fill out a form called “the request for real estate brokerage services”. Take note that in no case should you fill out two such forms because then you are obligated to pay two commissions. Although the 2% brokerage charge is there, keep in mind that this is negotiable.

However, the recent news articles on the Israel real estate market has surely made us nervous on thinking about the real meaning of the word “luxury”. The people there are quite content with the meager needs and it lacks the American-style luxury. There is also a case with the price as many investors had to pay higher installments than the original price.

David Rosenberg, a Haaretz contributor writes that the getter believes that it’s all very negotiable in Israel. It’s quite an open market here, he quotes. Buyers are also warned to give special importance to the exchange rates out there in Israel as many are foreign investors bringing their money from home countries.


Be it Israel or any other country, real estate is always tricky however; acquiring property should not seem frightening. With the right knowledge and agents, you are all set to go.

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