Poke Go++ 1.5 Makes Pokemon Go Easier

A lot of third party clients for the Pokemon Go app has started popping up in the cyberspace. Apple store is luckier to get the most of them, however there’s a lot for Android as well. This specific one we are talking about – Poke Go 1.5++ comes with great Pokemon map integration and it would probably be even better than the official map app. The best part is, it runs on just any iPhone, no jail broken iOS would be necessary to run the Poke Go++ app.



The developer of this Poke Go++ radar app is Will Cobb. He has merged the official Pokemon Go app with this Go Radar map. The Poke Go++ app performs as a combined package, and it offers a lot more convenience while you are at Pokemon catching. Not just the nearby ones, the Go Radar (or Poke Go++) would even show the Pokemons that are located farther away from the gamer’s position. It comes with a GPS spoofer as well, the trainer on the iPhone screen would automatically walk to the Pokemon spotted on the map without any real-life walking.


Before you get all excited and download the Poke Go++ radar app, you better know that it is direct violation of the Niantic Terms of Service for the Pokemon Go app. You could not using any Pokemon Map or radar app to easily locate Pokemon on a radar, and if you get caught your IP would be permanently banned from Niantic servers. If you absolutely need to use Poke Go++, make sure you take some counter measures against getting perma-banned, which we don’t know about any, or wouldn’t say about.



Pokemon Go is more convenient, or we would say ‘lazy’ with third party assistance tools on. You could certainly ‘catch ‘em all’ with a Pokemon map, but we suggest you go the hard way of walking and wandering around the neighborhood.

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