Pokemon Go game for iOS and Androids

The Pokemon fused with reality was launched in the name of Pokemon Go App in USA, Australia and New Zealand for iOS and Androids and its popularity spread like a wildfire.  It is slated to be launched in Asia too soon. If you are rookie playing Pokemon Go , you should learn about some basic parts of the game: Gym Battles, Pokestops and catching Pokemon.pokemon go g

  • Gym battles allow you to fight the trainers and fetch you experience points and increase CP and HP of Pokemon. If the gym is led by your team, you can select a Pokemon and train it against the other members of your own team. This will raise the prestige points of the gym. The higher gym points will ensure that more and more Pokemon are stationed at the gym. This will also raise your stardust and Pokecoins count. When the gym is led under rival faction then you need to battle and defeat the Pokemon stationed there. Defeating the Pokemon will lower the prestige points. When prestige point count drops to zero it will belong to your faction.
  • Pokéstops are crucial landmarks, and visiting them will fetch you items. The transformation of the map icon into a swollen spinning pokeball icon signifies that you are in the proximity of a pokestop. Activating the icon will get you items like potions, pokeballs, revives, eggs. Pokecoins ( earned by battling in gyms) can be used to purchase some other items. Incense is a temporary use item that help in encoding wild pokémon for the user of the item. These are  found at pokéstops or can be purchased with pokécoins. Lucky Egg  helps in doubling the experience you gain in the next half-hour after use.
  • Pokemon can be caught by tapping on the pokemon on the map. The pokemon is surrounded by a ring, the colour of which determines the chances of catching a Pokemon. Red shows it is difficult, yellow signifies moderate level and green is easiest. Pokemon can also be found at different places like Zubats are found near The Verge Office and other Pokemon may near the fields. Combat power (CP) levels also fetch you Pokemon. CP is important because it will determine the strength of the Pokemon. For each Pokemon you catch you will get a generic item. This item and stardust will raise Pokémon’s CP.pokemon go game s

Following are the few pokémon Go cheats that will help you crack the game.

  1. Pokemon Go is based on data of Google Map. So when you download maps from Google you actually save your battery and data.
  2. Potions and revives are the remedy to heal injured or collapsed Pokemon as there is no Pokemon Center.
  3. Hopping on bicycle is the fastest way to get the eggs hatched rapidly.
  4. Staying hydrated will help in nabbing the Pokemon outside.
  5. Be patient to evolve Pokemon not before level 10. Evolution will boost your CP which will raise your character level and this will eventually lead to greater profit.

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