Pool Toys For Summer Play Sessions

Children are the most amazing explorers in the world. They are innocent at the same time curious to know the funny things happening around them. The summer arrives and kids like to have some water fun, splash in the pool, and if you are lucky enough to have a pool in your house than you as a parent can indulge your little ones in some wonderful pool activities which have a wide brand of pool toys to offer this young cute kids to enjoy and have water fun with safety gadgets. However, harmless fun in the water can also prove to be dangerous without the necessary safety precautions and equipment.  There are many online stores which offer some fantastic and interesting pool toys. They have hundreds and more of varieties to offer your kids so here is the list of water related kids toys.


Pool floats come in various shapes and sizes, it can be life preventers to fun to ride on toys for summer play sessions, younger kids who cannot swim, should always wear a life jacket. If pool is nearby, older kids who can swim would love to play and have some fun in the pool with floats and inflatable ride-on pool toys. When the sun is shining bright and it’s hot outdoors, nothing can keep the kids away from water fun filled activities. Pool floats and safety aids are very important and essential for kids. It goes without saying that having water fun is at one place but proper precautions must be taken to avoid any untoward incidents.

Here’s a look at some of the best pool toys available in the market for both children and adults.

  • Wet Head – This is a must-have toy for all children who are hitting the beach or just looking to have some pool-side fun. Each child wears this hat and someone has to pull a peg from the hat in the form of water roulette. If it’s the right one, the kid is completely drenched; if it’s not then he/she passes the hat to the next player. The “Wet Head” is available at Scholar’s choice for 23.99$.
  • Booger Balls – The booger balls can be used to have countless hours of fun. The balls on contact ooze out a slimy substance in red, green and other gross colors. It is easy to use, one has to just mix the powder packet that comes along with the ball and fill the ball with them, and they are ready for use.
  • Candylicious bubbles – This is the best combination a child could ever dream of. The candylicious bubbles combine bubbles and candy. Children can blow bubbles, can play with them for some time, and if they get tired and hungry they can eat those bubbles! These bubbles come in a variety of flavors like – cherry, grape, bubble gum.
  • Ray’s dive game – This toy is quite intuitive and engaging as kids get involved in some activity. This toy consists some of children’s most favorite characters from Disney including Dory and Nemo. The kids have to toss the inflatable characters inside the pool and chase after them with Mr. Ray’s net. The set comes with five characters and can be purchased online.


All the toys mentioned above are very safe to use and do not contain any harmful chemicals like heavy metals, phthalates etc. Parents are advised to buy toys that are free harmful toxins as children tend to put things in their mouth. Always read the label of any product before making a purchase.

Here are some fun pool toys for adults:

  • Runway splashmat – This flat floating mat is quite tough and can support a family of 4-5 members. You can even make a game out of it by seeing who can balance on the float the longest.
  • Floating Table tennis – Who said a game of table tennis is only limited to a dimly-lit basement. Now grab a friend and challenge them to game of table tennis in a pool!
  • Solstice Aqua Sofa – Consider shifting your furniture to the pool. Now you can have a nice and quiet evening with your entire family in the pool with this comfy sofa.
  • Intex floating cooler – This one takes the prize for being the most ingenious one yet. You don’t have to lift heavy coolers filled with drinks and ice and strain your back anymore. With this floating cooler, you can just float it around in the pool, delivering your friends some refreshing drinks.
  • RC Robotic pool cleaner – because cleaning pools with poles and vacuum is history. Bring out this bad boy and relive your childhood moments as you control it with a remote to glory. You can get this “toy” on Amazon for as little as 880$, have fun!

As more and more number of people have started investing in pools or backyard pools, the sales of pool toys has seen a huge increase. People can now indulge in some water fun activities, thanks to these amazing toys. The market for these toys is ever expanding with new players joining every day, be sure to look them up on the internet.

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