Popular Friv Games that You Might Love to Play

Friv Games are very popular these days. There are hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe who have been resorting to these games during their free time, or simply when they have nothing to do or when they are bored. Well, there is no question about that since these games are very entertaining, and they can make you enjoy all throughout your gaming experience. The big question is, do you know that there are several extremely popular Friv Gamesthat you might already have played? Yes, you read it right, and here are some of them: friv-56b34f023df78cdfa004b471

Angry Birds

One Friv game that you will absolutely love playing is the Angry Birds. It is a video game series that was developed by the world renowned Finnish video game maker known as Rovio Entertainment. What you need to do in this game is to destroy the home of the green pigs that are the enemies of the angry birds. You will be the one who will help the angry birds from taking revenge to these green pigs. This is absolutely an exciting game that you will love playing.004_maxresdefault

Mario Star Scramble 2

Another Friv game that you can play these days is the Mario Star Scramble 2. This is the second part of the Mario Star Scramble. Since this is a second part, it is just natural for you to experience more exciting things than the first part. If you have been playing the popular Super Mario video game, you will definitely have an easy time playing the Mario Star Scramble 2. Be sure that you are more than ready for a game adventure.

Plants vs Zombies

Who would forget the Plants vs Zombies, by the way? It happened to be the all time favorite video game of many people from all over the globe, no matter if they are kids or adults. Well, there is no question about that since this game is very exciting and thrilling since you need to fight the zombies in order to proceed to the next level.


Another all time favorite of many people, especially those kids out there, is Dora. In this game, you will play the character of Dora and you need to go to a number of adventures that you will definitely love. As you go along with your adventures, you will be dealing with a number of tasks that you need to successfully do in order to proceed to another level of the game.

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