Reliving Manga Relife

Manga RELife is a Japanese fantasy drama series written by Yayoiso. NHN Play Art is the publisher of its comico since 2013. So far five volumes compiling the chapters has been published and released by Earth Star Entertainment. It was announced earlier in 2016 that NHN Play Art will release the anime adaptation of Yayosoi’s RElife Manga. Its first promotional video was revealed at the 2016 stage event of anime’s AnimeJapan.  It is slated to be run in Osaka and Tokyo.

The event also bewrayed the important visuals of RElife anime.  The cry of actors includes Kensho Ono who will play the character of Arata Kaizaki and Ai Kayano will be starred as Chizuru Hishiro. Ryohei Kimura will be co-starred as Ryo Yoake while Reina Ueda will be playing An Onoya, Yuma Uchida as Kazuomi Oga and Haruka Tomatsu will be featured as Rena Kariu. The anime is being directed by Tomo Kosaka who has been the episode animation director for Giant killing, Yowamushi Pedal, while the production is done by TMS Entertainment. The script is steered by Kazuho Hyodo and Michiko Yokote. Junko Ymanaka is looking after the adaptation of character designs of Yayoiso for animation. Penguin Research is doing the opening song of the anime and other artists do the ending theme of each episode.


RElife is basically a drama based on science fiction. The story of Manga revolves around the lead, Arata Kaizaki , who is a 27 year old guy. He is jobless and is facing the financial crunch because he has been shoved away from the financial support of his parents. In the beginning he works at a company where his co worker Saiki (a female co-worker) was frequently harassed by his male co workers. He tries to help Saiki, but this increased the annoyance and eventually Saiki commits suicide due the erratic harassment.

This incident leaves Arata devastated and he calls for quit and leaves his job. Due to him leaving his previous job within three months, he is unable to find any other job and is now left in lurch. One night, he happens to meet Ryo Yoake in an inebriated state, after drinking with his high school friend. Ryo offers some pills to Arata which could turn him back into 17 year old boy so that he could relive his life. Arata acquiesces and joins a high school where he meets Chizuru Hishiro who is an introvert person who desires to have friends. Arata, with only one year in hand, he is in quest of what it takes to have real happiness in the real world. He unravels the mess of his real life by his interaction with Chizuru and others in the high school.


Manga was also made available in the garb of an App in 2013. It was also accorded permission for publication in 2014. A total of 13 episodes of anime were to be streamed on the App of RElife channel on 24 June 2016 prior to the airing on television. Manga was ranked at 8th position on the index of Japan Publication Sales’ Distribution Reform Group Comic Team.  It was adjudged as the best seller of first volumes for new manga series. In 2014 Volume one had sold 33,637 copies and hot 30th place on the charts of Oricon. Whereas Volume 2 sold 46,040 copies in 2014 and volume 3 sold 73,019 copies in 2015. Up until 8 February, 2016 Manga had sold 1 million copies. It also got the nominations for Best General Manga at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards.

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