Remember these 8 Points to Buy Website Traffic

With the increase in online businesses in 2016, every organization – be it a startup or an established enterprise needs to have a strong online presence. Such established presence could be achieved by practicing some rules that have been authorized by Google and other search engines when it comes to allowing people to visit your website through search engine results. Also, social media is a major part in everyone’s daily lives in present days and it’s only natural that gaining exposure in these networks will be a significant benefit for the companies and individuals seeking traffic driven to their websites. When it comes to generating traffic, to buy website traffic is considered a workable move. However, the following 8 points can make a difference while buying traffic. cheap-website-traffic-500x500

  • Know your Traffic Supplier

A lot of services have been established to deliver traffic to a website in exchange of money. While that sounds soothing, it’s not much in reality. Not every company is well reputed for supplying legit traffic. Before you sign up with a company, make sure you know your supplier well. Do some research in the online forums, ask someone who might know about the supplier before you decide.buytraffic

  • What’s the Deal?

Ask specifically about what services they are going to provide you, in what volume and in exchange of what cost. A lot of companies tend to half-do their job and include hidden charges in the final bill which is absolutely unprofessional, thus you should ask beforehand.


  • Know Google Analytics

The job of the traffic provider is also to provide analytics, preferably using the Google Analytics tool. Even if they don’t include Google Analytics as a standard offering within their package, make sure you do the analytics part to know what’s actually going on with the traffic buying.


  • Be Clear & Precise about the Guaranteed, Minimum and Maximum Traffic

Make sure you pay your supplier for an agreed-upon minimum traffic. However a guaranteed traffic agreement should be made earlier so you get the full value for your money, and also a maximum traffic to ensure your bandwidth allotment is going to cope up.


  • Sales Conversion

Your traffic supplier might most likely offer a guaranteed traffic conversion, but know that no one can ever ensure that because that’s up to the visitor, your general audience. If they decide to not purchase anything from your website, no supplier can likely make them to change their decision.



  • Know about the Traffic Routing

Although this part is on the traffic supplier, yet you might ask how they plan to redirect the traffic to your website. However, you must ensure that they aren’t just making some paid individual act as a traffic to your website. The generated traffic should be original otherwise that won’t convert into sales.


  • No Untargeted Traffic!

Untargeted visitors are those who are merely visiting and don’t bear any intention to become a buyer of the product or service offered. When making an agreement with the supplier, make sure you agree upon this term.


  • Ad Format

Ads could be in different formats – animated ad space, pop-up ads, text or image based ad space etc. It’s important to know which type your supplier will use.



If you must buy traffic through a third party supplier, you should keep these in mind.

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