Soccer Premiere League: Signings And Departures You Missed During Euro 2016

For soccer fans out there, the past couple months had been full of intense excitement and adrenaline rush. The crazy die-hard fans of soccer spent a significant amount of time in the past couple months in front of their television set for the Euro 2016 games, and few very lucky ones got the chance to be in the stadium gallery for real. However, while the Euro Cup 2016 craze was on, many soccer fans missed out the fact that Premiere League is almost hitting the corners, it’s just a month away! So have you been keeping up with the news updates on Premiere League? Probably not. Here’s a highlight on what you might have missed on Premiere League clubs, during the intense Euro Cup 2016 season. Click here to read the details.

Manchester United

Beginning with the ManU updates –

  • Remarkable Player Signings


Apparently, there hadn’t been many signing of players and interchange between clubs. You might have seen the news about ZlatanIbrahimovic even while you were busy watching Euro because it was all over the news flash; since his deal with Germain and Paris Saint has expired so he was free to move over. HenrikhMkhitaryan has moved into Manchester United from Borussia Dortmund and the involved finances were around 60 million euros.

  • Who had left?

If you care about the players who had left Manchester United then here’s the shortlist – goalkeeper Victor Valdes and Nick Powell; and departure of Juan Mata and Marcos Rojo is no latest news.

Manchester City

  • Who Signed?

Borussia Dortmund had joined in for 21 million Euros on June 2. Other major signings include Nolito for 13.8 million euros and Australian midfielder Aaron Mooy. The list doesn’t end there as a new face, 19 years old OleksandrZinchenko moved in from FC Ufa. All these bright starts make a good start for Manchester City.

  • Who left?

Martin Demechelis has been with Manchester City for a very long time as a defender, however the club had to let him go this summer since the contract expired and the same happened with Richard Wright, who happens to be a third-choice keeper. The list lengthens with SekoFofana, Jack Bryne, Luke Brattan and Anthony Caceres.


Apparently, there hadn’t been many signings and departures with Arsenal this summer.

  • Who Signed?

The list is quite short as the fans expect a significant improvement in the team gameplay with Xhaka’s joining, and there’s another signing this summer who is a Japanese player Takuma Asano as a forward. However, Asano would probably play in the future and not this season.

  • Who left?

No major player had left Arsenal football club this summer except Isaac Hayden who is 21 years old, and headed for Newcastle in a five year’s contract.



Chelsea have had quite a big number of signings and departures, yet the market is slow we would say.

  • Who Signed?

RadjaNainggolan, RomeluLukaku, Alvaro Morata, MischyBatshuayi are few of the remarkable names to mention in the transfer business.

  • Who Left?

AlexandrePato and RadamelFalcao were allowed to leave from the club and Udinese has bought Stipe Perica for around 3 million euros. Also, few fresh faces had moved into Chelsea from Stamford Bridge.


If you consider yourself a football fan, then these transfer this summer season might be of great interest to you. Lot more are going on underneath, click here to know more.

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