Spending Your Vacation In Batam

Batam is an island that belongs to the Riau group of islands in the country of Indonesia. It is a well known place where different brands and companies from all over the world have strategically put their factories due to the affordable cost of labor in the place. One of the many things why travelers should visit the place is its very nice night life. Nagoya is the place that abounds in hotel, as it is the main town in the island. However, if you want to go to the place, you first need to buy a ferry ticket from Singapore to Batam.19429908919_0aa582358e_b

Many Hotel Choices

Having a wide range of hotels in the island, there surely are a lot of options for tourist to pick when they are in the place. However, they should also see to it that they select the hotel wisely. Batam is also known to be one of the biggest entertainment districts in the country. Its night are filled with vibrant activities that would surely not bore anyone. With this, the safety of the place is also very good, which is why tourists don’t have to worry about anything.Screenshot_179If tourists want to experience the more top notch hotels, then they can go to Nongsa. Nongnsa is a place known to have relaxing resorts. It is just like Bintan, as it also have its multitude of world class golf courses, that perfectly matches the fine white sand beaches across its sea shores.

Waterfront City

If you are in Batam, then the first thing that you should go to is the Waterfront City. This is a place which hosts different kinds of water sports. This is perfect for people who want to experience the serenity of nature. With all of these being said, Batam is truly a very good choice if you want to experience the relaxation that its fine beaches can give you, or if you want to have fun partying all night long.

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