The 21 Day Fix – What the craze is all about

A genius diet plan is extremely important if you want to lose weight successfully, without starving yourself and at the same time, staying motivated to stick to the diet. This program revolves around the fact that 21 days is all it takes to make you learn to eat healthy and to make exercise an indispensable part of your day-to-day routine for always. The 21 day fix program was created by Autumn Calabrese and is a perfect amalgamation of a nutrition plan along with a workout plan. Undoubtedly, the best thing about it is that the eating plan is the simplest ever.467289-best-fitness-app-round-up

The Exclusive Container System

  • Green – For Vegetables
  • Purple – For Fruits
  • Red – For Proteins
  • Yellow – For Carbohydrates
  • Blue – For Healthy Fats and Cheeses
  • Two Orange – For Seeds, Dressings and Oils
  • Shakeology Cup – For Mixing Drinks

Healthy eating will just become your habit before you know it. There are seven workouts, all around half an hour long, which effortlessly blend into your schedule, in addition to the containers for controlling your food portions. There are basic and plain recipes which you need to follow and round the clock online support as well. Make it a point to buy the official Beachbody containers, as they have the exact defined measurements. For best results, you can invest in a yoga mat or a resistance band and a few weights as they contribute a lot in toning you up more quickly. All you need to do is fill up these containers with the specific kind of food you are allowed everyday and eat. The order in which you consume the contents of the containers is up to you. Make sure you drink plenty of water too. It’s a pretty good idea to keep a calendar meal planner for yourself, with your favourite recipes and in accordance with your calorie target. Another impressive aspect of this program is that it has several new and creative workout moves, which are sure to blow you over totally. There’s even a three day quick fix plan included to help you get a head start on your weight loss.

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All in all, this workout and diet program is extremely effective and helps you consciously realize just how much food should be going inside you at one sitting. It has been carefully designed, keeping every possible fitness level in mind. Moreover, it’s an at home workout program and the eating plan is what you would call, family friendly, with a focus on clean, nutritious foods, which need to be eaten more. It ensures complete satisfaction with a 30 day money back guarantee. Though it can be a bit time consuming and restrictive at times, but the outcome of it is so worth it.

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