The Greatest Manager In The World

Sports is a very important part of our lives and we like indulging in sports related activities during our free time as a form of an exercise or just as an interest. Many people are into the sports industry in some way or the other and some people just live sports. Soccer or football is the most popular sport and Sir Alex Ferguson’s, its most popular manager. He retired about four years ago and Manchester United has never really been able to replace him. He spent 26 years at the club, winning 38 trophies including 13 Premier League trophies and two Champions League trophies, making him the most decorated and most successful manager in the football world and also in the world of sports. Well you have to wonder what made him so successful and he did a lot of interesting info. In Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography, you learn more about the author than you could have ever imagined.sports


Well first of all he reveals his success was all due to his efficient man management and he reveals that no matter how big a footballer plays at a club, the manager is always the boss and he reveals that he did sell David Beckham and Roy Keane when they became a nuisance and started to become a bad influence in the dressing room. Beckham was sold because he thought he was too big a superstar himself and Roy Keane was sold when he started to conflict with the manager too much and even his performances on the field diminished. Sir Alex even reveals that he never wanted to sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid and he would have preferred if his most talented pupil was rather sold to Barcelona.

Sir Alex Ferguson also praises his relationship with the Glazers and said that they were great owners who never came in his way and helped him get on with the job from the first day without interfering. He has even shown a softer side for Jose Mourinho and has hinted his liking for the fellow manager, whereas he has exclaimed that Rafael Benitez was a rather rude person who went personal with his fights. He even talks about his volatile relationship with Arsene Wenger with him he competed for 17 years in the Premier League, probably his most formidable opponent.sportsSir Alex Ferguson hated the media and talked about his seven year ban when speaking on BBC. He hated the media in the last few years and said that he hated the young reporters who didn’t even care to dress properly and had a very rash attitude when it came to him. He also speaks about the FA and the referees and said that the FA used to always go for high profile targets as it would earn them cheap publicity. He called out to the FA to reduce their committee members and even goes as far as to call the referees unfit and people who are unable to do their job.

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